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David Schmidt

Fort Walton Beach City Councilperson

More About this Candidate:

πŸ“² 850.685.0631

πŸ“§ me@davidschmidt.me

πŸ“Fort Walton Beach

Countdown to Election Day For this Seat

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Mid Bay News Interview with Okaloosa School District 2 Candidate David Schmidt

Campaign Finances


  • Seattle Alderman
  • Bob Bennett
  • Steve Daher
  • Mark Franks
  • Cindy Frakes
  • Bryce Jeter
  • Craig and Eve Norwood
  • Jay Odom
  • Miller Phillips
  • Dale Rice
  • Ray and Tricia Sansom
  • Paul and Sarah Schmidt
  • Kevin and Natalie Schmidt
  • Tim and Sharon Smith
  • Travis and Morgan Smith
  • Quint Studer
  • Tripp Tolbert
  • Mary Anne Windes
  • Randy Wise


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Mid Bay News Coverage of Candidate

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