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Elected Offices For Niceville, Valparaiso and Okaloosa County

There’s a lot to vote for come election time in Okaloosa County – which can be overwhelming. Okaloosa, Niceville and Valparaiso residents have something like 30 people we elect to office in a four year cycle. That includes everyone from the President of the United States to the people in charge of court documents in the Okaloosa County Courthouse.Β 

Well, we realized that there was no guide to help you understand what all these elected officials do, who’s running, and how you can sign up to vote – as well as what each candidate stands for and why you should vote for them over the other guyΒ in their own words.Β 

We decided to put this voting reference together for you to use during your decision-making process so that you can have everything in one place.Β 

We won’t tell you who or what to vote for (unless it’s a merger of Niceville and Valparaiso, we are explicitly for that) – We just want you to have all of the information we can lay our hands on before you pull the proverbial voting lever.Β 

We’ll also keep this countdown clock at the top of the page so you know what is coming up next on the election docket. We will keep track of the next election date and the voting registration deadline.Β 

Remember, this Land of the Free becomes a little less so without your participation. Exercise your right to vote as often as you can – it matters!Β 

If you have questions, concerns, a comment or an idea for these pages; drop us a line atΒ christopher@midbaynews.com.Β We need all of the good ideas we can get our hands on! Thanks again for taking voting seriously – and using our guide to help you make the best choice for our community. No matter whom you vote for, we are thrilled that you have taken the time to vote with knowledge and an eye to the future of our home!Β 


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