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Florida State Senate - District 2

FY 24
Annual Budget

$116.5 Billion (+8%)

Total Number of Employees


Elected Official Pay


🗳️ Who Can Vote For Candidates In The Florida State House District 4 Race?

Most registered voters in most of Okaloosa County can vote for State Senate District 2 candidates. To find out if you are eligible, check out the map at the bottom of this page. 

What Does a Florida State Senator Do?

A district’s voters elect a Florida State Senator to represent them in the Florida State Senate. The Florida State Senate is one of the two chambers of the Florida Legislature (the other one, which has more members who serve two-year terms, is the Florida House of Representatives). State Senate District 2 includes the cities of Niceville and Valparaiso as well as Bluewater Bay and Eglin Air Force Base. The district stretches from Crestview and Mary Esther in the West to Jackson County and Mexico Beach in the East. District Two is one of 40 roughly equal districts in terms of population – meaning that there is one state senator for about every 540,000 Floridians. That means the Mid Bay area makes up about 10% of Trumbull’s constituency. The bulk of the population for the district sits in Panama City.



Legislation: Senators propose, debate, and vote on bills and resolutions. They can introduce legislation that addresses issues affecting their constituents and the state. 

Constituent Representation: Senators serve as the voice of their constituents in the state legislature. They listen to the concerns and needs of the people in their district and advocate for policies that align with the interests of their constituents.

Committee Work: Senators are typically members of various committees that focus on specific policy areas (such as education, health, finance, etc.). These committees review and analyze proposed legislation related to their respective areas of expertise.

Budget Approval: The State Senate, along with the House of Representatives, plays a crucial role in approving the state budget. Senators participate in budgetary discussions and decisions, allocating funds to different state programs and agencies.

Constituent Services: Senators often assist their constituents in navigating state agencies and services. They may intervene on behalf of residents to address issues or concerns related to government services.

Community Engagement: Senators engage with the public through town hall meetings, community events, and other forums. This helps them stay informed about the needs and priorities of their constituents.

Confirmation: The Senate has the authority to confirm or reject gubernatorial appointments, including those for key positions in state government and the judiciary.

Oversight: Senators have a responsibility to oversee the implementation of laws and policies, ensuring that state agencies and officials are acting in accordance with the law.

Florida State Senators are elected to four-year terms and are limited to serving two consecutive terms. They play a vital role in the state’s legislative process, working to shape policies and laws that impact the lives of Florida residents.

Next Election - 2026

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Patt Maney

Florida Houe of Representatives - District 4

Jay Trumbull Jr., a native of Panama City, Florida, graduated from Bay High School and pursued higher education at Auburn University, earning a degree in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. From a young age, Jay immersed himself in the family water conditioning business, working alongside his grandfather and father since the age of 14. Despite not yet being eligible to drive, he embarked on a career that would span generations. The Trumbull family boasts a legacy of over four generations in the bottled water and water conditioning industry. They own and operate seven Culligan dealerships strategically located in Panama City, Ft. Walton, Tallahassee, Dothan (Alabama), Mobile (Alabama), Tifton (Georgia), and Americus (Georgia). Following his college years, Jay seamlessly integrated into the family business, starting from the ground up by driving a truck for the initial two years. Eventually, he ascended to a pivotal role within the dealer management team.

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