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Niceville City Council

Annual Budget

$61.9 Million

Total Employees


Elected Official Pay


🗳️ Who Can Vote For Candidates In A Niceville City Council Race?

All registered voters who live in the City Limits of Niceville can vote in each group race for City Council. 

What Does The Niceville City Council Do?

In a weak mayor system, like the on Niceville uses, the mayor has limited executive powers and the city council plays a more substantial role in governance. They are in charge of hiring and firing the overseer of day-to-day operations, the city manager. They also set the amount of taxes people will pay on their property, and pass rules, called ordinances, which are enforced in city limits. 

The city of Niceville has five city council members. The mayor, who does not have a vote, serves as the ‘traffic cop’ when it comes to meeting agendas and as the head of the city for official events. All residents of the city can run for any city council seat – as they are all at large. Each seat is a separate race. For example, if you run for seat three, you have to win that particular election against anyone else running specifically for seat three.

City of Niceville, Valparaiso and Bluewater Bay Map

Responsibilities of Niceville City Council

  • Legislative and Policy Development Authority:
    • City council members are responsible for enacting and amending local laws, ordinances, and regulations. They participate in the legislative process, introducing proposals, debating issues, and voting on measures that affect the city. They contribute development of policies and strategies that address the needs and priorities of the community. They may work on initiatives related to public safety,  economic development, infrastructure and other aspects of city governance.
  • Budget Approval:
    • City councils have the authority to review, amend, and approve the city budget. Council members participate in budgetary discussions, making decisions about spending priorities, tax rates, and allocation of resources. Every year, the council goes through the budget making process in the summer to prepare for the coming fiscal year, which starts on October 1. 
  • Representation of Constituents:
    • Council members serve as representatives of their constituents, listening to community concerns, advocating for local interests, and addressing the needs of residents. They act as a link between the community and the local government.
  • Committee and Subcommittee Participation:
    • Council members may participate in various committees or subcommittees focused on specific issues, such as finance, public safety, or planning. These smaller groups allow for in-depth discussions and recommendations on specific matters. They may also participate on intergovernmental committees which have responsibility for planning transportation infrastructure, water and sewer, public safety and more. 
  • City Planning and Development:
    • Council members play a role in city planning and development by reviewing zoning ordinances, land use plans, and development proposals. They contribute to decisions that shape the physical and economic landscape of the city.
  • Oversight of Executive Functions:
    • In Niceville’s weak mayor system, executive functions are delegated to the city manager. Council members provide oversight to the unelected city manager – and hire and fire him or her. 
    • Council members engage with the public by attending community meetings, forums, and events. They seek input from residents, address concerns, and keep the community informed about city policies and initiatives.
  • Appointment of Advisory Boards:
    • Council members may have the authority to appoint or recommend individuals to serve on advisory boards, commissions, or task forces. These bodies provide expertise and advice on specific issues to the city council.

Current Members of the Niceville City Council

Next Election - 2025

Sal Nodjomian

City Councilman, Group 2

Sal Nodjomian is a retired Air Force Officer, Civil Engineer and the CEO of Matrix Design Group. Sal has served on the council for more than a decade, making him the senior councilperson on the dais.

a man smiling for a photo

Carl Donahoo

City Councilman, Group 4

Carl Donahoo served in the United States Air Force before retiring from active duty. He currently works on Eglin Air Force Base.

Next Election - 2027

Bill Schaetzle

City Councilman, Group 1

Councilman Bill Schaetzle served in the US Air Force and retired in 2004. He works at Hurlburt Field as a Program Manager.

a man swearing into office.

Doug Stauffer

City Councilperson, Group 3

Doug Stauffer wears many hats in the Niceville Community. He is an active member of Republican groups and he serves as a pastor at Faith Independent Baptist Church. He was chosen by coin flip to finish the last three years of Abner Williams term after Williams resigned in January 2024.

Cathy Alley

City Councilwoman, Group 5

Cathy Alley is Niceville-area Realtor and serves on the Board of the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors. Alley is related by marriage to Okaloosa Schools Superintendent Marcus Chambers.

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