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Why should you advertise with Mid Bay News?

Do you want to advertise with Mid Bay News? Admittedly, advertising with us isn’t for every business. There are cheaper, wider ways to advertise and other local news outlets to advertise with – so why go with us?


Well, we figure it’s best to refute the most common reasons people hesitate to go with an all-online hyperlocal outlet like Mid Bay News. So let’s get started.

Answering the Hard Questions

There are plenty of concerns when it comes to spending your hard-earned money on advertising. Here are the most common misgivings that advertisers ask us about.

With about 5,400 followers on Facebook, another 2,700 subscribers to our weekly newsletter and tens of thousands of monthly views of our website, Mid Bay News has plenty of people from the Niceville and Valparaiso areas looking at our reporting every month. Add in the thousands of people who see our videos and we continue to reach more and more people monthly.

We understand that we are new, and small – but we also know that our upside is huge. Niceville, Valparaiso, Bluewater Bay, Eglin Air Force Base and Freeport have about 50,000 people to advertise, with more people moving here daily. Advertising with us now allows you to reach those people in a personal way that shows you and your business care about more than a sale – you care about the community which supports your business and want to make a long-term commitment to it.

There are really two different types of corporate media that people usually mean when they say this: either international social media and digital media companies like Facebook (or Meta), Twitter, Google and other massive companies – or venture capital firms that have bought up and picked media outlets like local TV and Newspapers to the bone. 

Digital Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google and other internet-based marketing certainly have a place in any good company’s marketing mix – especially if they are a locally-based business in the Niceville area. Most, if not all, businesses that decide to advertise with Mid Bay News should also strongly consider advertising through other digital means as well. Advertising with Mid Bay News does give one key advantage over other digital advertising – the ability to be seen as an authority in one’s field. As an advertiser with Mid Bay News, clients are often asked for quotes and insight when their skill set is relevant to the story on hand. This allows clients to generate respect in the minds of readers so that when a purchase decision comes up – the client is seen as a respectable, local authority in their field. 

Corporate Media

Take a moment to pull up a local television station’s website. Go buy a ‘local’ newspaper. Watch the five o’clock news. Watch carefully to see how many, if any, stories in these outlets are about our area or even about something in Okaloosa County. More often than not, the stories are clickbaity headlines from Tampa or Timbuktu. If local readers or viewers in our area don’t care about the story – or feel like they got tricked into clicking on the headline, will they even see your ad? If they see your ad, will they respond positively after they’ve just been tricked into reading something that doesn’t matter to their lives?


Our Publisher, Christopher, spent years in corporate news – he knows that this is what has happened to our beloved local outlets, and he wants to change it with Mid Bay News. He believes local residents and advertisers deserve local, quality journalism – not rehashed clickbait from somewhere else. Advertising with Mid Bay News makes sure that your ads are seen by people who care about this community as much as you do and that when they see your ads they view you as someone with a stake in their community – not someone trying to sell them something. 

Many potential advertisers ask us, ‘why doesn’t Mid Bay News have a physical product, like a newspaper or magazine?” Two reasons. 


Print deadlines for a newspaper or magazine cut both ways for a small organization like Mid Bay News. On one hand, Mid Bay News must publish at a certain time and hour. It would be similar to having an up-to-the-minute news show on cable which was filmed the day before. Information cannot be updated, developments to a story can’t be added, and extra manpower is needed to ensure the current volume of stories is met. Instead of spending time researching, interviewing and reporting, we would end up setting type, formatting pages, and other mundane tasks that don’t add benefit to the reader or the advertiser. 

Secondly, the cost of print is prohibitive and would significantly increase our overhead – which we would immediately have to pass on to our advertisers. That cost would cull the efficacy of your advertising budget and dissolve any gains you would acquire from advertising with a digital-first product like Mid Bay News. Also, people read the news on their phones. 86% of news consumers got news from a smartphone or tablet, ‘often’ or ‘sometimes’ as opposed to television (68%) or Printed Publications (32%), according to a Pew Research Poll conducted in 2021.

Yes. Reporters and freelancers for Mid Bay News have at least eight years of experience in and around journalism. We also offer opportunities to High School Students to write feature stories, which are heavily scrutinized to ensure accuracy. This allows us to raise up the next generation of fact-based journalists for our area. Additionally, Mid Bay News currently holds a SEM Rush Authority Score of 39. This is the highest Authority Score for an independent news website in the Niceville-Valparaiso area. Websites with similar scores include the City of Niceville’s website (40) and Valparaiso’s website (38). 

The Harvard Business Review (HBR) says the best time to advertise is during a recession or tightening time in the economy. Why, because your message is a lot more likely to get through. “Although it is wise to contain costs,” HBR notes that, “Although it’s wise to contain costs, failing to support brands or examine core customers’ changing needs can jeopardize performance over the long term. Companies that put customers’ needs under the microscope, take a scalpel rather than a cleaver to the marketing budget, and nimbly adjust strategies, tactics and product offering in response to shifting demand are more likely than other to flourish both during and after a recession.”

Why You Should Consider Mid Bay News for Advertising in Niceville, Valparaiso, Bluewater Bay, Freeport and Eglin Air Force Base

If We haven’t lost you through the reasons that you shouldn’t advertise with us – We’d like to offer you a couple of reasons that you should consider spending a part of your marketing budget with Mid Bay News.

We don’t pull stories from faraway places with ‘clicky’ headlines in order to bait people into reading our stories. We only write and post quality, local content which directly affects our readership. This means we are able to build trust with our community and incentivize our readers to come back to our site again and again – and view it as an authority with integrity. 

Google “Why do people stop reading the news”. You’ll see hundreds of articles and blog posts about why you should stop reading the news, like this one. The dirty little secret of the news businesses is that these articles are correct. Most of the news stories generated by news companies both hurt peoples’ psyche and don’t really affect them. That is where we want to be different. We want to give people actionable information, like how our local history is being honored, what bills our local legislator hopes to pass in the next session and new technology coming to the Air Force Base. Scaring people without a reason is stupid. We won’t be doing that to get clicks. People will trust us, and then click on our stories even more because of the trust we’ve built with them.

Many of the independent publications in our area and around the country rely on small amounts of money from a large number of advertisers in order to keep their publications afloat. The result: a veritable deluge of advertisements that makes it impossible to read the content on the site or page and a dilution of the power of the advertisements for each advertiser. 


Mid Bay News seeks to destroy this paradigm by allowing for fewer advertisers on its website. While this means that each advertiser has to pay a premium to be on the site – it increases the chance that a reader will recall an advertisement when the time to make a purchase comes.

Advertising with Television is prohibitively expensive for small to medium sized businesses, of which the vast majority are locally-owned businesses. The only businesses that can really afford to advertise on television – which can run up to $2,000 per 30-second commercial in the 10pm news in the Mobile-Pensacola Market, according to media tracker TVeyes. 


Newspapers, while much more affordable than television, still cost more to run an ad than a digital media company like Mid Bay News. Advertisements for smaller local papers, which tend to be more reasonable – like the Navarre Press – can cost anywhere from $1,248 for an ad a little bigger than a postage stamp to $104,000 for a full page ad in every weekly paper for a year. 


We are significantly cheaper than that – and offer more to help your business too! Our highest level of advertising is a fraction of the price and allows you backlinks, the ability to be seen as an expert in your field with our right of first refusal in certain articles, creative promotions which include video advertisements,drone videos and more!

The Mid Bay News Team has significant professional journalism, government, management and systems engineering experience which allow it to perform more efficiently and produce better content than other digital media outlets of its size. 

Christopher Saul – the publisher of Mid Bay News graduated from SMU’s Journalism School in 2015 and worked as a television news reporter and anchor in both Texas and Florida. After his time in TV news, Saul moved to government, where he served as the Public Information Officer for Okaloosa County through hurricanes, wildfires and a global pandemic. He will complete his Master’s Degree in Public Administration at Florida State University in August of 2023.

Mid Bay News puts all of its content through its mission and vision statements in order to ensure that it is working to achieve its goal as a business – create a politically consolidated Mid Bay area which leverages the area’s population most effectively in order to receive the most benefits from government and industry for the local population. 


This commitment to building up our area by working together as one to make the most of our advantages means that the readers and advertisers alike both have ownership and a vested interest in the success of this project.

We continue to grow our audience rapidly – and earn that audiences trust. As shown by our google analytics monitoring, tens of thousands of individual readers have read our articles and come back to our site to read more of our reporting about local news that matters to their lives. We’ve continued to grow rapidly through 2022 and look forward to the potential that 2023 holds.

Who Advertises With Mid Bay News?

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