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Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections

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🗳️ Who Can Vote For Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections?

All registered voters in Okaloosa County can vote for this position.

What Does The Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections Do?

In Florida, the County Supervisor of Elections is an elected official responsible for overseeing the electoral process at the county level. This position plays a crucial role in ensuring fair, transparent, and efficient elections within their jurisdiction. Here are the key responsibilities of a Florida County Supervisor of Elections:

Responsibilities of the Okaloosa County Superintendent of Schools:

Voter Registration: The Supervisor of Elections is responsible for maintaining accurate and up-to-date voter registration records in the county.

They oversee the registration process, ensuring eligible citizens are able to register to vote, and they process voter registration applications.

Election Planning and Administration: The supervisor plans and administers all elections held within the county, including federal, state, local, and special elections.

They work closely with other local election officials, government agencies, and community organizations to coordinate election logistics.

Polling Place Management: The Supervisor of Elections designates and manages polling places for elections, ensuring they are accessible, secure, and properly staffed.

They train and supervise poll workers, ensuring they are well-prepared to assist voters and follow election procedures.

Early Voting: The supervisor may implement early voting in the county, providing eligible voters with the opportunity to cast their ballots in person before Election Day.

Absentee and Mail-In Voting: The Supervisor of Elections oversees the process for requesting, receiving, and processing absentee or mail-in ballots, ensuring the integrity of the voting-by-mail system.

Candidate Qualification: Candidates running for office must qualify with the Supervisor of Elections. The supervisor verifies that candidates meet the eligibility requirements and assists in the filing of necessary paperwork.

Election Security: Ensuring the security and integrity of the election process is a paramount responsibility. This includes implementing measures to protect against fraud, hacking, and other threats to the electoral system.

Education and Outreach: The supervisor conducts voter education and outreach programs to inform the public about voter registration, election procedures, and important deadlines.

They work to increase voter participation and awareness through community engagement initiatives.

Election Results: Once the election is concluded, the Supervisor of Elections is responsible for compiling and certifying the official results. They report the results to the state and ensure the accuracy of vote tallies.

Campaign Finance Reporting: The supervisor may oversee the filing of campaign finance reports, ensuring that candidates and political committees comply with disclosure requirements.

Compliance with Election Laws: The Supervisor of Elections ensures compliance with federal, state, and local election laws, as well as any rules and regulations set forth by the Florida Department of State.

The County Supervisor of Elections is a key figure in upholding the democratic process and maintaining public confidence in the electoral system. By overseeing various aspects of elections, voter registration, and election administration, they contribute to the democratic functioning of their community and the state of Florida.

Current Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections

Next Election - 2024

Paul Lux (R | Crestview)

Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections

Okaloosa Supervisor of Elections Paul Lux began his work at the Supervisor of Elections Office in 1999. In 2008 he ran to replace the outgoing Supervisor and won the seat. He has been the Supervisor ever since. Lux is an Army Veteran and is a past president of the Florida Association of Supervisors of Elections.

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