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These Are Your Statewide Elected Officials In Florida

Executive Branch

Legislative Branch

Circuit Court Representation

The State of Florida’s 1968 Constitution changed the state’s political makeup. It destroyed the hold the old, rural south had on the state and adapted to the tremendous growth that had taken place in the central and southern portions of the state since the end of the Second World War.

The ’68 constitution installed a ‘weak governor’ form of government for the executive branch, where the governor must share some power in certain arenas of government functions with the members of his or her cabinet. Those three additional members have a say over their purview in state government and also have a vote at the Executive Branch’s monthly cabinet meetings – where they direct the goings-on of the day-to-day operations of state government. All residents of Florida vote for the Governor, Attorney General, Agriculture Commissioner, and Chief Financial Officer (the group that makes up the executive branch) every four years.

Over on the legislative side of the house, Niceville, Valparaiso, and the rest of the Mid Bay area vote for one senator and one member of the State House of Representatives to speak for them at the Florida State Capital, Tallahassee when the legislature is in session for 90 days of the year (usually from January to March or March to May, depending on the year).

Last but not least are the state attorney and the public defender for District 1, of which the Mid Bay Area is a part. these officials are responsible for the prosection of alleged criminals (State Attorney) and their defense (Public Defender).

Everyone in Okaloosa County votes for these positions as well.ย 

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