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πŸ—³οΈ Who Can Vote Okaloosa County School Board?

All registered voters in Okaloosa County vote for the candidate they want in all five districts, regardless of where they live in Okaloosa County. Elections are non-partisan, which means candidates are not allowed to declare a party.Β 

What Does The Okaloosa County School Board Do?

The Okaloosa County School Board in Florida is responsible for overseeing the public education system within Okaloosa County. The school board plays a crucial role in setting policies, making decisions, and providing leadership to ensure the effective functioning of the county’s public schools. Here are the key responsibilities of the Okaloosa County School Board:

Okaloosa County School Board Map

Okaloosa County School Board Responsibilities

  • Policy Development and Adoption:
    • The school board is responsible for developing, reviewing, and adopting policies that govern the operation of the school district. These policies cover various aspects, including curriculum, student conduct, personnel matters, and administrative procedures.
  • Budget Approval:
    • The school board approves the annual budget for the school district. This involves reviewing funding allocations, expenditures, and financial priorities to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Curriculum and Instruction:
    • The board sets curriculum standards and approves instructional materials for use in schools. They work to enhance the quality of education by adopting educational programs and initiatives that align with state standards and educational goals.
  • Personnel Decisions:
    • The school board is involved in confirming principals and administrators in schools and at school district headquarters.Β 
  • School Facilities and Planning:
    • The board oversees the planning, construction, and maintenance of school facilities. They make decisions regarding the acquisition of land, construction projects, and renovations to ensure safe and suitable learning environments for students.
  • District Accountability:
    • The board is responsible for holding the school district accountable for academic performance and overall effectiveness. This includes reviewing standardized test results, graduation rates, and other metrics to assess the district’s success in meeting educational goals.
  • Student Discipline and Code of Conduct:
    • The school board establishes and enforces policies related to student conduct and discipline. They work to create a safe and respectful learning environment by setting expectations for behavior and consequences.
  • School Board Meetings:
    • The board conducts regular meetings, which areΒ  open to the public. During these meetings, they discuss and make decisions on various matters, including policy changes, budget approvals, and other issues affecting the school district.
  • State and Federal Compliance:
    • The school board ensures compliance with state and federal education laws and regulations. This includes adhering to mandates related to student assessments, special education, and other federally funded programs.
  • Advocacy:
    • The board may engage in advocacy efforts at the state and local levels to support legislation and policies that benefit the school district. This involves representing the interests of Okaloosa County schools to lawmakers and education authorities.
  • Technology Integration:
    • The school board oversees the integration of technology into the educational process, ensuring that schools have the necessary resources and infrastructure to support modern learning environments.

Current Members of the Okaloosa County School Board

Next Election - 2024

Marti Gardner

District 2 | Fort Walton Beach and Destin

Marti Gardner is a former Okaloosa County Schoolteacher.


Tim Bryant

District 4 | Crestview and Laurel Hill

Tim Bryant is a Georgia native who came to Northwest Florida with Publix Grocery Stores. He served as the first general manager of the Publix location in Crestview before running for school board.

Next Election - 2026

Lamar White

District 1 | Eastern Fort Walton Beach

Dr. Lamar White served as an Okaloosa County teacher, coach and administrator for more than 35 years. He's a member Kiwanis and the YMCA. He led Plew Elementary, Ruckel and Meigs Middle Schools during his career.

Linda Evanchyk

District 3 | Western Crestview, Baker

Linda Evanchyk taught in the Okaloosa County School District for 38 years. She was named Journalism Teacher of The Year in Florida Twice and a Master Journalism Educator by the NJEA.

Diane Kelley

District 5 | Niceville and Valparaiso

Dr. Diane Kelley ended her career in the OCSD as principal of the Laurel Hill School. She has served as a Valparaiso City Commissioner. She currenlty work with the Hope Squad to end student suicide.

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