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Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts

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🗳️ Who Can Vote For Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts (And Comptroller)?

All registered voters in Okaloosa County can vote for Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts.

What Does The Okaloosa Clerk of Courts (and Comptroller) Do?

In Florida, the position of the County Clerk of Court and Comptroller is a combined role responsible for overseeing various critical functions related to the legal and financial aspects of the county. The Okaloosa County Clerk of Court and Comptroller is an independent elected official who serves a vital role in ensuring transparency, efficiency, and accountability in county government. Here are the key responsibilities associated with this position:

Responsibilities of the Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts:

Clerk of Court Duties:

  • Court Records Management: The County Clerk of Court is responsible for maintaining and managing official records of court proceedings, including civil and criminal cases. This involves accurately recording court decisions, filings, and other legal documents.
  • Criminal and Civil Case Administration: The clerk’s office facilitates the processing of criminal and civil cases, handling paperwork, scheduling court dates, and providing information to the public regarding case status and procedures.
  • Jury Management: The clerk oversees the selection and management of jury pools for trials, ensuring a fair and impartial process.
  • Issuing Summons and Subpoenas: The clerk’s office issues summonses, subpoenas, and other legal documents as directed by the court.

Comptroller Duties:

  • Financial Management: The Comptroller aspect of the role involves managing the financial affairs of the county. This includes budgeting, accounting, and financial reporting.
  • Accounts Payable and Receivable: The clerk’s office processes payments to vendors, employees, and other entities on behalf of the county. They also manage accounts receivable for services provided by the county.
  • Payroll Administration: The clerk is often responsible for administering payroll for county employees, ensuring accurate and timely payments.
  • Tax Deed Sales: In some cases, the clerk may be involved in the administration of tax deed sales, which occur when properties are sold due to unpaid property taxes.

Public Records Management:

  • Open Government and Public Records Requests: The clerk’s office facilitates public access to government records, ensuring compliance with open government laws. They process public records requests, providing copies of documents as required by law.

County Auditor:

  • Internal Audits: The clerk’s office may conduct internal audits to ensure that county departments are operating efficiently and in accordance with established financial policies.
  • Financial Oversight: The clerk serves as a watchdog over county finances, helping to ensure that taxpayer dollars are spent responsibly and transparently.

Board Support:

  • Support to County Commissioners: The clerk often provides administrative support to the county commission, including preparing meeting agendas, recording meeting minutes, and maintaining official records of county government actions.

Current Okaloosa County Clerk of Court and Comptroller

Next Election - 2024

Man with a goatee smiling

JD Peacock (R | Shalimar)

Okaloosa County Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller

JD Peacock started his career as a Sheriff's Deputy in Okaloosa County and worked his way up to Major. He graduated from Northwest Florida State College with a bachelor's degree in Public Service Management. Peacock has served as Clerk for more than a decade in Okaloosa County.

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