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Simply put, without these advertisers, we would not be able to bring you the news. But their support doesn’t end with just signing a check. Our advertisers are experts in their field. They serve as our best sources of information and inspiration. They are essential to our local economy and make sure that church picnics and community movie nights – to tailgates and charity drives. 

They really are the people and the small, locally owned businesses that make our community a unique and wonderful place to live. 

For this reason, we ask that you consider supporting them in the future as you decide where to spend your money. When you support them, you are supporting local journalism and small business. You are supporting accountability in local government and coverage of local events and sports. 

Mid Bay News’ vision for our community is a politically consolidated Mid Bay Area that flexes its collective muscles to get the roads, schools, police, fire and community infrastructure all 45,000 of us need. By signing on to support us – this group of advertisers has demonstrated its commitment to the area for the long term. 

Help them succeed, so that we can all succeed in the long term. 

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Thinking About Advertising With Us? Here's Why You Shouldn't Do It!

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t advertise with us. We figured it would be better to be upfront with you – and give you what we think is a halfway decent argument as to why you should. 

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