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What Does The Bluewater Bay MSBU do?

The Bluewater Bay Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) was created by theΒ Okaloosa County Board of County CommissionersΒ to advise them on how best to spend money that is collected by the additional tax levied on Bluewater Bay to provide enhanced services in the area.Β 


The Commission created the MSBU to give residents of the Bluewater Bay area some benefits of being in a city (like more parks, additional sheriff’s patrols, landscape maintenance and more) without the total tax levy of joining a municipality.Β 

Residents of the MSBU elect five directors to serve four-year terms. The directors then advise the Okaloosa County Commission on how to best spend MSBU money by the people of Bluewater Bay who pay the additional taxes for the services.Β 

Directors have one of five roles: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Communications Chairman, Landscape Maintenance Chairman and Finance Chairman.Β 


Responsibilities of the Bluewater Bay MSBU

  • Rules and Regs:
    • The MSBU is empowered by the Okaloosa County Board of County Commissioners to adopt rules and regulations, so long as they follow state law and carry out the other mandates the Board of County Commissioners have placed on the MSBU
  • Budget Requests:
    • The board of directors can determine the extent and type of services and improvements and their estimated costs (including admin costs and expenses) to provide the services they are responsible forΒ 
  • Solicitation of Services
    • The MSBU can use the County Purchasing Department and purchase things through the county’s purchasing policies and procedures.Β 

Current Members of the Bluewater MSBU

Next Election - 2024

Pam Ragnoli

Vice Chairman

Matthew Higganbotham

Communications Chairman

Jeffrey Rocque

Finance Chairman

Steve Boswell


Steve is a Senior Vice President with First Bank and serves as a trustee with the All Sports Association and works with the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center. Steve is an Air Force Veteran and an alumni of Florida State University, where he was a Sigma Chi.

Debbie Stretch

Landscape Maintenance Chairman

Stretch is a local realtor and business owner. She and her husband Bob own two businesses: Carpet Pro and Pristine Pool and Lawn. The Stretch family moved to Bluewater Bay from New Jersey in 1997. They have two adult children.

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