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Valparaiso Mayor

Annual Budget

$10.6 Million

Total Employees


Elected Official Pay


What Does The Valparaiso Florida Mayor Do?

In a city commission style government in Florida, like the one in the Valparaiso Mayor serves in, the Mayor has more power in his or her city than the mayor in Niceville does.

In this system, the mayor is a member of the city commission and serves in an active leadership role, which includes management of some of the city’s portfolio and a vote on the city commission. 

What Does The Mayor Valparaiso Fl Do?

    • Primarily a Member of the Commission:
      • The mayor is a member of the city commission and has one vote, just like other commissioners. Unlike a strong mayor system, the mayor does not usually have executive authority over the administration or a veto power.
    • Presiding Officer:
      • The mayor serves as the presiding officer during city commission meetings. They facilitate discussions, call for votes, and maintain order during meetings. However, the mayor’s vote carries the same weight as other commissioners.
    • Ceremonial Duties:
      • The mayor also has ceremonial duties, representing the city at public events, official functions, and community gatherings. This can include ribbon-cutting ceremonies, attending public celebrations, and acting as a figurehead for the city.
    • Community Advocate:
      • The mayor may serve as a spokesperson for the community, advocating for the interests and needs of residents. They may work with local, state, and federal officials to secure resources and support for the city.
    • Collaborative Decision-Making:
      • Decisions in a city commission style government are typically made collectively by the commission. The mayor collaborates with other commissioners to develop policies, pass ordinances, and make decisions that impact the city.
    • Budget Approval:
      • The mayor participates in the approval of the city’s budget, along with other commissioners. They review financial proposals, discuss spending priorities, and make decisions on taxation and allocation of resources.
    • Committee Assignments:
      • The mayor may be assigned to specific committees or subcommittees within the city commission. These committees focus on particular issues, such as finance, public safety, or planning, allowing for in-depth discussions.
    • Public Engagement:
      • Like other commissioners, the mayor engages with the public by attending community meetings, addressing concerns, and keeping residents informed about city initiatives. Public input is considered during decision-making processes.


Current Valparaiso Mayor

Next Election - 2026

Brent Smith

Mayor, Police and Finance Commissioner of Valparaiso

Mayor Brent Smith is in his second term as the Mayor of Valparaiso. He is a local electrical contractor and is involved in the building industry in Northwest Florida.

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