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Niceville Mayor

Annual Budget [$ in Millions]

$61.9 Million

Total Number of Employees


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🗳️ Who Can Vote For Candidates In A Niceville City Council Race?

All residents of the City of Niceville who are registered to vote can vote in this race. 

What Does The Niceville Mayor Do?

In a weak mayor system, like the on Niceville uses, the mayor has limited executive powers and the Niceville City Council plays a more substantial role in governance. The mayor, who does not have a vote, serves as the ‘traffic cop’ when it comes to meeting agendas and as the head of the city for official events. He or she is also responsible for representing the will of the city in front of other legislative bodies and to the public. 

What Does The Mayor of Niceville Fl Do?

  • Ceremonial Head: The Mayor of Niceville is responsible for representing the entire city of Niceville. Like the King of the United Kingdom, he does not have a lot of immediate power, as he or she cannot vote on matters in front of the city council. Also like the King or Queen of England, the Mayor has a lot of ‘soft’ power and can speak to influence the outcome of an issue. 
  • Running Meetings: The Mayor of Niceville is responsible for organizing meetings and keeping them on track. He or She helps to plan the agenda of the meetings the council will have, and is charged with enforcing order in the meeting. 
  • Public Relations: The Mayor of Niceville will typically be someone who is well-known and liked in the community. The Mayor must be able and willing to speak to many constituents about their problems in the course of the day, synthesize them and present them to the council in a way that ensures proper action is taken. 
  • Intergovernmental Relations: The Mayor is usually the single point of contact for other governmental organizations, unless another elected or appointed official in city government is designated. 
  • Board Appointments: The Mayor of Niceville must also select the elected or appointed officials who will participate on various boards and committees that the City of Niceville participates in. The city has other organizations that it participates in as a way to protect the interests of its citizens. Boards like the Niceville-Valparaiso Sewage Treatment Plant Board, The Okaloosa-Walton Regional Transportation Planning Board or a public safety board are examples of what a Mayor could assign to others or themselves. 

Current Members of the Niceville City Council

Next Election - 2025

Daniel Henkel

Mayor of Niceville

Mayor Daniel Henkel was elected to the Mayor of Niceville's Office after the death of Mayor Randy Wise. Henkel is a retired Air Force Officer, long time Niceville resident, father and grandfather.

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