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Okaloosa County Sheriff

Annual Budget

$56.3 Million

Total Employees


Elected Official Pay


🗳️ Who Can Vote For Okaloosa County Sheriif?

All registered voters in Okaloosa County can vote for Okaloosa County Sheriff.

What Does The Okaloosa Sheriff Do?

In Florida, a sheriff is an elected law enforcement official responsible for overseeing the sheriff’s office in a specific county, whether inside or outside of city limits.

The role of a Florida sheriff is multifaceted and encompasses a wide range of duties aimed at maintaining public safety, enforcing the law, and upholding the well-being of the community. Here is an overview of the tasks entrusted to Okaloosa County’s Sheriff:

Responsibilities of the Okaloosa County Sheriff:

  1. Law Enforcement: The primary responsibility of a Florida sheriff is to enforce state laws and local ordinances within their jurisdiction. This involves investigating crimes, apprehending suspects, and ensuring public safety through proactive law enforcement efforts.
  2. Court Security: Sheriffs provide security for the county court system, ensuring the safety of judges, court staff, and the public. They may also be responsible for transporting prisoners to and from court appearances.
  3. Civil Process: Sheriffs serve as officers of the court and are responsible for the service of legal documents, such as subpoenas, writs, and court orders. This ensures that legal proceedings are properly communicated to all parties involved.
  4. Emergency Management: Sheriffs play a crucial role in coordinating responses to emergencies and natural disasters within their counties. This involves working closely with other local and state agencies to implement evacuation plans, provide public safety information, and manage resources during crises.
  5. Traffic Enforcement: Sheriffs are responsible for enforcing traffic laws within their jurisdiction. This includes conducting traffic stops, investigating accidents, and promoting road safety through public awareness campaigns.
  6. School Security: The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office staffs at least one deputy in every one of the Okaloosa County School District’s 38 schools. 

Current Okaloosa County Sheriff

Next Election - 2024

Okaloosa Sheriff Eric Aden

Eric Aden (R | Fort Walton Beach)

Okaloosa County Sheriff

Eric Aden is a Fort Walton Beach native and veteran law enforcement officer. He has served as Sheriff of Okaloosa County since 2020.

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