More Than 150 Children to Recieve a Proper Place to Sleep

Niceville-based Charity A Bed 4 Me announced Tuesday they have received a grant from the St. Joe Community Foundation to fund 150 new beds for children in need in Freeport, as well as other areas in Walton County. 


“We’re thankful for A Bed 4 Me, they are meeting a community need that supports healthcare and education,” said April Wilkes, the Executive Director of the charity. “Proper rest,” she added, “is truly essential for the physical development and mental health of our growing children.”


A Bed 4 Me’s director, Diane Freeman, said that the charity and its supporters were “excited to be serving the families in Walton County and providing beds for children who don’t have an adequate sleep space. Expanding into Walton County has always been one of our goals.”



A Child takes in her new bed donated and set up by A Bed 4 Me. The Charity recently expanded their mission area to include Walton County and Freeport.

More About A Bed 4 Me


A Bed 4 Me gives children from the ages of two to eighteen from low to middle income families beds. The gift of a place to sleep from the charity includes a twin bed frame, mattress, sheet set, comforter and a pillow for each child who receives assistance. A Bed 4 Me aims to serve as many children as possible who don’t have beds due to their families economic or financial situation, a domestic violence situation or families which have been displaced. 


The patrons of A Bed 4 Me will host a social and wine pull for anyone who wants to learn more on September 29th, 2022 at the Hammock Bay Lake Club, 1850 Great Hammock Bend, Freeport, Fl, 32439. The event will take place between 6:00pm and 8:00pm.  



More About the St. Joe Community Foundation

The St. Joe Community Foundation is the charitable arm of the St. Joe Company. The company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is based in Panama City, Florida. 


The charity, which was created in 1999, provides monetary assistance in the form of grants to other 501(c)3 charities which focus on education, environmental stewardship, building healthier communities, and cultural programs. 


St. Joe Company funds the charity through the sale of real estate in certain residential communities it develops. The fee applies the first time a property is sold and on each resale. 


The Foundation focuses primarily on charities that help people in Walton and Bay Counties. 

St. Joe Logo

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