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Okaloosa County Campaign Finance Tracker 2024

Welcome to Mid Bay News’ Campaign 2024 Finance Tracker. On our finance tracker, which uses raw data from the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections Office, we give you insight into who wants to (potentially) influence candidates you may vote for through their campaign donatins.


Here’s how it works. Once every reporting period (that’s usually either every month or two weeks, depending on how close we are to the election) we will upload the latest batch of data, synthesized so that you can easily look at it and figure out who is giving money to whom.


In the top right-hand quarter of the tracker, you will see eight boxes marked Select data range, Candidate, City, Occupation, Type of Donation, Contributor, and Race. Each box allows you to manipulate the data in the rest of the tracker to show you the information you want to find out.


For example, let’s say you want to find out how much money candidate A has raised. You would toggle the Candidate box at the top right of the tracker and select your candidate. The data would then remove all of the other data in the set and allow you to see how much money that candidate has raised in this election cycle.


We hope this tool helps you get a clearer picture on whom you will support this year and in future elections.


Got more questions about the tracker? email us at christopher@midbaynews.com.


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