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Here’s The Most Common Injury Niceville Physical Therapists See On A Regular Basis:

Here’s The Most Common Injury Niceville Physical Therapists See On A Regular Basis:

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Discover insights from Physical Therapist Pam Steele on why people often get injured after a fitness hiatus and learn valuable tips to prevent setbacks. Whether you're a gym-goer or working out at home, these expert recommendations will help you navigate the challenges of resuming your fitness journey. 🏃‍♀️🔒

As we enter February, some people are still going on their New Year’s resolutions about fitness. Many aren’t. 

Some people have quit because they don’t want to do it anymore or can’t find the time. 

But others have quit due to injury. 

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If that’s you – We talked to Physical Therapist Pam Steele from Fyzical Therapy and Balance Centers in Bluewater Bay about what you can do to get back in the game. 

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Pam Steele is a physical therapist at Fyzical in Bluewater Bay in Niceville.

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How Many People Are Still Going To The Gym On January 31st?

“My guess is people start out pretty strong with that new year’s resolution, and then life takes over, and it quickly gets put on the backburner exercises. It’s pretty easy to put it off to use the excuse that ‘I don’t have enough time.’ So I’m pretty sure that drops quickly after about that first month, for I would say more than half the people.”

Why Do People Who’ve Been Out Of Shape For A While Get Hurt So Easily, And What Can Be Done To Prevent It?

“Often, people start into an exercise program or, you know, something that a friend has recommended or just go into the gym. 

They haven’t been going, and they just go in and take off on their own and do not really know the proper ways to exercise or the proper ways to use equipment. 

They’re not using the equipment correctly or doing the right exercise, but they’re also not prepared to start, maybe the intensity of exercise they start. [It’s] especially all age dependent. As we get older, things get a little bit harder. And the less active we are, the harder it is to get back into a routine. 

So, knowing how to start and at what intensity level to start is a big thing. Anytime you start anything new, exercise-wise, you can always have some soreness. And if you have soreness and sore for a day and it goes away, then that’s probably a good level.

If it stays sore, past that day or two, or to the point that you can’t do your daily activities or get up and down or walk – then that’s too much.”

How Should I Scale Up My Workouts?

“If you’re a couch potato and doing nothing, then you probably need to start with a five- or 10-minute walk, some stretching, and maybe some more bodyweight exercises. 

Start lower weight and higher reps to build up some endurance as far as resistive exercise, aerobic exercise, walking, or maybe a stationary bike and build up from there. 

“Also, make sure that [you] have the right flexibility so muscles can move through the correct range of motion when lifting with resistive exercises. Balance of all those things, not just one aspect of it.” 

What kind of stretch routines, warm-ups, and cool-downs should you guys or we be doing to ensure I’m not getting hurt?

“Some sort of warm-up. Whether that’s warming up like on a stationary bike or going for a walk – just something to get blood flowing and increase circulation, warm up the muscles, and then stretch when you’re just a little bit warm. So again, those muscles are warm; you’re not just instantly [straining your muscles].

Stretching usually takes about 30 seconds, maybe three repetitions. It should be a tolerable stretch. It shouldn’t be painful, it shouldn’t be bouncing, it should just be an easy static stretch that you can tolerate for that length of time. 

If you’re talking about working out in a gym and weightlifting, it is the same concept you want to warm up you want to I recommend stretching a little bit before so for all those factors that that I said with warming up the muscles, blood flow, getting things moving, but then you can also do a little bit of stretching after your workout as well just to help relax the muscles back down and try to work out some lactic acid keep from getting a little bit of that muscle soreness.”

What Are The Most Common Injuries Physical Therapists Like You See in Bluewater Bay Right Now?

“I think one of the biggest things that I see here at Fyzical is back strains. It’s a big one. It’s easy if you’re not active; you go and do some high-intensity thing. For example, I get a lot of a lot of people [who] are playing pickleball. That’s actually a pretty high-intensity activity. People go in there; they’re not used to ing working, out and stretching or doing too much. I definitely see some back strains and sprains, but also some general sprains and strains – but back and knee are probably [the] big ones. And sometimes shoulders.”

Watch Out For Underlying Physical Conditions 

“They might need to seek a little bit more guidance from somebody who’s more knowledgeable with exercises or if they’re already having some pain issue or problem that it’s best to, like, of course, come Come see us at physical and let us evaluate to individualize and see exactly what the problem is. 

Sometimes, people try to Google and find the answers on their own… But, it might not be the best thing that they need to be doing depending on their injury.”

Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul is the publisher of Mid Bay News. He graduated from Southern Methodist University's School of Journalism with a Convergance Journalism Degree and a Master's Degree in Public Administration From Florida State.

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