Man holding a camera while a little girl plays with a microphone
Christopher and Cecilia Saul Play with a wooden news camera and microphone Cecilia received as a gift for her third Christmas. The Sauls are committed to creating an even better Niceville, so that Cecilia and her brother Patrick can thrive in the area.

The Origins of Mid Bay News

So, a little about Mid Bay News. Christopher Saul started his first digital media news outlet as a fourth-grader with a couple of his friends in 2002. 

More than a couple of things have changed since Lynch Bunch News started, but making sure people have easy access to information that affects their lives is still a passion for Christopher – and now the rest of the Saul Family. 

After the closure of the Beacon newspaper – The Sauls realized that there needed to be a local Newspaper for Niceville Fl. It needed to include Eglin AFB news, Niceville news and Valparaiso news. 

That’s when they made the decision to build a local news outlet – Mid Bay News was born!

The Sauls live in Niceville and want to make sure that it continues on its positive trajectory, so that it can become a dynamic community with a wealth of opportunities for people of all interests!

Christopher and Brennan Saul
Christopher (R) with his brother and an awesome bowl cut.

The Mid Bay News Team

Christopher Saul

Reporter/Content Producer

Christopher started his career as a Television Journalist before switching to a role in Public Relations and Marketing. Keeping people empowered and informed is his passion and he hopes to use Mid Bay News to do just that! ​ Christopher is the engine of Mid Bay News - and his wife Abby is the steering wheel, brakes, taillights, transmission and everything else that makes a car safe and useful.

Cecilia Saul

Cecilia Saul

Junior Reporter

Cecilia is a three-year-old, so she does the lion's share of the entertaining in the house/office/studio. ​ She loves to sing (especially the SMU fight song), play and pretend!

Abby Saul

Editor in Chief

A Mechanical and Systems Engineer by trade (🍢FSU for undergrad and the 🐊University of Florida for grad school) - Abby makes sure all of the Ts are crossed and Is are dotted (and makes sure that Christopher doesn't cross any Is and dot any Ts!) In her free time, she likes to sew clothes for the two Saul kids. She is an incredibly well-rounded person and the Mid Bay News team is lucky to have her on board!

Patrick Saul

Junior Editor

The newest member of the Mid Bay News Team - Patrick has got his work cut out for him

Our Mission

We strive to empower readers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions for our community’s future.  

We believe the character of the Mid Bay area of Niceville, Valparaiso, Bluewater Bay and Eglin Air Force Base is something special that is worth growing and making a beacon for other areas to emulate. In order to make our area the best that it can be – it needs to have an outlet that gives people the right information so they can make the best possible decisions for our home.

By supplying this information – we do our part to make the Mid Bay area the best possible place it can be. 

Mid Bay News Video

Our Vision for the Mid Bay Area

Our Vision For Niceville, Valparaiso, Bluewater Bay and Eglin Air Force Base:

“A politically consolidated Mid Bay area which promtes arts and the creative trades as the third leg of the economic stool of the area. We will help to create a strong metropolitan area to negotiate for funding and resources from the State Government of Florida.

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Our Values


We will tell it like it is. This includes acknowledging our own biases. While we may have an opinion, which we believe is a good thing, we will have integrity in our reporting.


We will promote the community as a hub of creativity and ingenuity for the entire Southeastern United States. 


We won't back down from reporting the truth. 

Quotes Which Inspire Us

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