Food Truck Rally Raises Money For Ledford Family After Tragedy

At the Food Truck Rally for the late Mike Ledford, the community gathered in full force, facing a crowded parking lot and overflowing with love. Local food trucks, live performances, and heartfelt speeches created an atmosphere of unity, all in support of the Ledford family facing challenging times.

The Food Truck Rally for the Family of Mike Ledford started at noon, but when we rolled up at 12:05, there were only ten spots left to park in the massive, dirt-covered lot next to the brewery – according to the on-site parking attendants. 

It only got more crowded from there – by two o’clock, people began to park on the empty lot next to Publix, more than a half mile away. 

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The fundraiser included many local food trucks, including Thai2Go, Curry in a Hurry, Dippin Dots and Fuel. Café Rico’s Chef Daniel Soto even came out of retirement to cook for the event to support the Ledfords. 

At 1:45, a throng of people flowed out to the outdoor stage to see an Okinawan drum ensemble perform Mike’s favorite song. Fifteen drummers in Okinawan costumes filled the stage, drummed in beat, and danced while the crowd watched. 

Afterward, 3rd Planet Brewing’s Tim McCool addressed the crowd and thanked them for coming out to support the Ledford family. 

“This is incredible. On behalf of the family, I want to say ‘thank you, thank you, thank you.’ We have a great community. People have come from near and far. Mike was a special friend to me – and many of you as well. He had that effect through food and compassion.”

This event is the latest in a string of efforts to raise money for the family. Their Go Fund Me alone has raised more than $111,000 for them. 

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