Niceville Florida Man Arrested For Stealing Two Cars in Spree

Say it with me folks, “even if I’m feeling lucky – even on St. Patrick’s Day, I won’t leave my car running in my driveway unattended.” You said it? Out loud? Ok, good – let’s start with the story then. The Irish apparently aren’t the only lucky ones this St. Patrick’s Day. Niceville Police quickly […]

Two Cars Stolen in Niceville This Morning

THIS IS A DEVELOPING STORY – THERE ARE GONNA BE UPDATES, STICK WITH US. Niceville Police Department Logo Niceville’s Police Department reported two stolen and recovered cars this morning. According to the Niceville PD Facebook page, people leaving cars on with the keys in the ignition probably had something to do with it. They said, […]

This Is How Much Money 3rd Planet’s Bonfire Raised for Niceville’s City Fireworks 3rd Planet Owners Present Check to Niceville Fireworks Trust Fund If you’ve ever been to Niceville’s 3rd Planet Brewing, you’ll see “Rooted in the Community” painted on their wall. This mission statement is what makes the business more than just a place with good beer. One of the ways 3rd Planet gives back to […]

Niceville PD Officer Named All Sports Association Amateur of the Year

Jonathan Newby is a strong guy. It’s an asset as a Niceville Police Department Officer. All Sports Association Amateur Athlete Winner Jonathan Newby Works at Niceville PD “It has a couple of times. My strength has been needed a couple of times. There has been a couple of times I have had to go hands-on […]