Say it with me folks, “even if I’m feeling lucky – even on St. Patrick’s Day, I won’t leave my car running in my driveway unattended.”

You said it?

Out loud?

Ok, good – let’s start with the story then.

The Irish apparently aren’t the only lucky ones this St. Patrick’s Day. Niceville Police quickly arrested an individual with a rap sheet after he stole two cars in quick succession Thursday morning.

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Christopher Bagent

Christopher Bagent, seen here enjoying his time on taxpayers’ dime after his arrest for allegedly cooking meth in Niceville in 2013, noticed a 2014 Fiat warming up in the driveway of 304 Reeves Street and must have decided that it would (allegedly) be a good idea to take it for a joyride.

Police were called to the scene and quickly found it about a mile away on McEwan Drive, where Bagent allegedly abandoned the car and left it running.

A witness at the scene where the first car was left saw a white male exiting the Fiat wearing a black hoodie and a multicolored backpack.

That’s when the second call for a stolen car was phoned in. This time – it was for a red Chrysler Town and Country Minivan.

A couple of minutes later – Police saw Bagent walking on the side of 30th street, west of Bailey Drive. The officers read him his rights, after which he admitted to “Just being stupid” (at least he’s self-aware).

During the conversation – he let the police know he’d abandoned the minivan on Palm Boulevard and told them that he’d thrown away his hoodie so that he could avoid matching the description he’d figured was given to police.

Both vehicles had no damage and all of the items in the vehicles at the time of the theft were still in the vehicles.

Bagent, as you can guess, was arrested. During his processing, he complained of medical issues and was transported to Twin Cities Hospital for treatment.