What Is My Niceville Elementary School?

There are a total of 🔟 options for your child when it comes to elementary school in Niceville and Valparaiso. This number includes both public and private school in the area. 

We will check out the public schools first – and then move into the charter a private school options that are available. 


Public Elementary Schools in Niceville and Valparaiso

There are a total of five public elementary schools for students who live in the Niceville and Valparaiso, or live on Eglin Air Force Base. These schools are all A-rated by the Florida Department of Education. For more information about the public schools available in the area, click on a logo or a button! 

Bluewater Elementary School

The Bluewater Elementary School, located on Range Road in the Bluewater Bay Community to the east of Rocky Bayou. The school has received an ‘A’ Rating since 2001.

Edge Elementary School Logo

Edge Elementary School

Edge Elementary Schools serves the students on the western side of Niceville. The school is located on State Route 85 just north of Boggy Bayou. The State of Florida’s Department of Education has rated Edge an ‘A’ school every year since 2001.

Eglin Elementary School Logo

Eglin Elementary School

Eglin Elementary School is located on base for the ease of access to working military families on and off the base. Students come predominantly from the Air Force Base housing - but students from off-base can attend as well.

Lewis School

The Lewis School

The Lewis School, located in Valparaiso, services both elementary and middle school students from the city of Valparaiso. Students who live on Eglin Air Force Base attend The Lewis School for middle school. For more information about the Lewis School - check out our page on the school

Plew Elementary School Logo

Plew Elementary School

Plew Elementary serves the eastern half of the city of Niceville. The school, ocated just south of John Sims Parkway, has received an ‘A’ rating from the Florida Department of Education since 2013.

Public School Attendance Zone Tool

Private or Charter Elementary School Options for Niceville and Valparaiso Students

Liza Jackson School Logo

Liza Jackson Preparatory School

The Liza Jackson Preparatory School aims to be the premier educator of Okaloosa County's best and brightest between grades Kindergarten through 8th.

Northwest Florida Ballet Logo

Northwest Florida Ballet Académie

Northwest Florida Ballet Académie combines rigorous coursework with a competitive selection process for both academics and ballet.

Rocky Bayou Christian School Logo

Rocky Bayou Christian School

'Rocky' or 'Rocky Bayou,' as it is informally known, instructs children K-12 in a Christian Worldview. The Campus is located on Partin Drive in Niceville.

St. Mary's Catholic School

St. Mary's Catholic School. in Fort Walton Beach is the area's only Catholic school. The School serves students K-8.

St. Paul School Logo

St. Paul's Lutheran School

St. Paul's Lutheran School in Niceville serves students from grades K-5.

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