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ALICE In Wonderland: The Hidden Struggle for Survival in Niceville

Luis Torres, a Niceville Walmart employee and father, embodies the struggles of the ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) population, facing challenges with childcare and housing. High childcare costs and restrictive housing options push many working-class families like his to the brink of financial instability. Local leaders, including City Manager David Deitch, are exploring solutions to alleviate these burdens, such as increasing affordable housing inventory and advocating for policy changes to support these families.

Niceville Alum Named Florida Gator Drum Major!

Carly Crist, a Niceville High School graduate and clarinetist, has been named a drum major for the University of Florida Gator Band, achieving this honor through determination and overcoming personal challenges.

Valparaiso Couple Wins $100,000 Wedding By Doing This!

Brandon Lang and Lesley Lowrey, natives of Destin and Niceville, recently won a $100,000 wedding weekend in a contest sponsored by three northwest Florida businesses. Their victory, achieved through widespread community voting, means the couple will have their dream wedding in Pensacola on November 17th, free of financial stress and planning worries. The couple, who met at 16 while working at a movie theater, plan to live in Valparaiso after their nuptials.

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