The Valparaiso Community Center/Senior Center group plans to host a Fall festival in the earlier part of October, according to a brief by their leader, Patrick Palmer. 


After some technocratic wrangling – the commission and Palmer were able to move forward with the plan. 


Here are the basic details:

🍁Fall Festival

📍Perrine Park 

📅 October 8th 


🥳 Seven vendors

🚚Two food trucks

🌶Chili Cookoff!

The Festival will take place at Perrine Park, across the road from the Northwest Florida Heritage Museum, in Valparaiso

A Hiccup in the Plan

The working group, founded earlier in the year as a response to the near-shutdown of the 100-year-old building in which the senior and community center functions are housed, announced their intentions to the City Commission at September’s monthly meeting. 


Patrick Palmer, the group’s leader, noted that they lack the official status as a City of Valparaiso function and would therefore possibly not have the correct insurance needed to properly host the function at the park across from Valparaiso’s Northwest Florida Heritage Museum. 


After about 30 minutes of discussion, the commission and Palmer determined they would have the Fall Festival, but it would just be held by volunteers on park property, not by the members of the Valparaiso Community Center/Senior Center Group. 


Both Palmer and Valparaiso Mayor Brent Smith talked about the next step: making the organization, which currently uses funds and creates events for the facility, an official board of the City Government in the next couple of meetings the city has. 


No hard date was set to make that happen though.

Health of the Community Center

The Valparaiso Community and Senior Center continues to retain positive momentum moving forward. Tammy Johnson, the Valparaiso City Clerk, noted that the bank account for the facility has a total of $7,049.32 and an additional $8,000 cash gift in reserve at the moment.

The Valparaiso City Commission authorized up to $600 from the account to be spent on the event for everything from plates, forks, and knives to porta potties. Palmer assured the Commission that they would come in under budget – and planned to bring in enough money to break even without touching the money they requested. 

Patrick Palmer
Valparaiso's Patrick Palmer

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