Valparaiso Couple Wins $100,000 Wedding By Doing This!

In Brief:

  • Brandon Lang and Lesley Lowrey won a $100,000 wedding weekend contest sponsored by northwest Florida businesses, allowing them to have their dream wedding in Pensacola on November 17th.
  • The couple’s victory was achieved through community voting and support from local businesses and social media campaigns.
  • The wedding, which includes a wedding shower and rehearsal dinner, will be free of charge, relieving the couple of financial stress and planning worries.

When Brandon Lang and Lesley Lowrey got engaged – it may have been the most exciting event of their lives so far. 


But winning a wedding weekend worth $100,000 might come in a close second. 


Lang and Lowrey, Destin and Niceville natives who met when they were 16 and worked at a movie theater won a contest sponsored by three northwest Florida businesses for a wedding weekend worth six figures, thanks to the votes of people like you.  


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The pair, an accountant for an insurance company and a school district employee, applied on a wedding vendor’s website and spread the word that they could win a considerable wedding event for free – and the friends, families, and even total strangers took the time out of their day to go on the contest website and vote for them. 


Local businesses, even the Destin Commons, helped them out by promoting them and asking their followers to vote for them online. Lang and Lowrey shared their cause in dozens of Facebook groups and even printed out flyers and passed them out to businesses across the area to ask people to vote for them. 


About 40 vendors will work together to provide the happy couple with a wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, and wedding day free of charge.


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Winning the contest means that they can invite everyone they hoped could be at the wedding. 


“We were definitely struggling to plan a wedding,” Lowrey said. Weddings can just be so expensive nowadays. I love what I do, but I work for the school district, and that alone was difficult for financial reasons. But everyone dreams of their dream wedding, and this is going to give us the opportunity to have that and not have to worry about limiting our guest list.”


The free wedding, which will take place November 17th in Pensacola, has planners and vendors on top of every aspect – meaning Lowrey and Lang don’t have to stress over the details. They can enjoy their engagement without wedding planning. 


After the nuptials and honeymoon, the couple plans to live in Valparaiso. 


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