They met as young professionals in Washington, D.C., after the war and as the Greatest Generation was coming of age.

On Nov. 27, 2022, Paul and Dorothy Cloud celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary.

“Dorothy is from St. Louis,” Paul said, but added that she was born in Omaha, Neb.

“She came to Washington, D.C., during World War II,” he added, with Dorothy continuing that “I worked at the VA (Veterans Administration), and then I went to the Pentagon.”

Paul was born in Martinsburg, W. Va.

“I served in World War II,” he said, adding that I was in was in the 3rd Infantry Division in North Africa—after that, Sicily and Italy.

“When I came back, I came to Washington, D.C., as I got discharged. I went to work for the VA,” he added.

The couple met outside of their careers.

“We both lived in separate rooming houses,” Paul continued. “The one I stayed at served evening meals to people not living there, and she came around to eat there.”

A little bit later, the rooming house where Dorothy lived closed. The owner of Paul’s rooming house took in the women.

“We lived together,” Dorothy said, with a little smile on her face. “The boys were on the third floor, and the women were on the second floor.”

After they married, Paul worked for the Internal Revenue Service.

“The area that I worked in, the man that was in charge was a World War I vet,” Paul said. The supervisor gave Paul advice, encouraging him to make use of the GI bill.

Paul attended George Washington University, and later Paul’s career took them to Dallas for 10 years. Then it was back to the District of Columbia.

During those years, the couple saw the birth of their daughters, first Sandy Cloud Schlechter and later Debra Cloud Beaty.

During their retirement years they decided to move to Bluewater Bay, buying a house in one day. That house has been the couple’s home since 2013.

During their years together, they have been to 49 states, they have traveled all over the world, and they have taken several cruises. They enjoy their five grandchildren and four great grands.

Now with Paul at age 103 and Dorothy at age 97, their lives have slowed a little. One thing remains: even after 75 years, they still make a beautiful couple

an older man and woman smile at the camera
Paul and Dorothy Cloud of Niceville Florida celebrate their 75th anniversary of marriage in their Bluewater Bay home.
Paul and Dorothy in an undated photo after World War II.

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