The Valparaiso Community Building, which hosts the Valparaiso Senior Center
The Valparaiso Community Building - also known colloquially as the Valpraiso Senior Center - has been the center of controversy in the city over the last six months. Efforts by community leaders led to the preservation of the building.

The newly officially recognized Valparaiso Senior Center Committee, within the purview of the Valparaiso City Commission, will host its first community event on July 4th for Independence Day. 


The event will feature a meet and mingle from 4-7 pm before fireworks viewing for Independence Day. The committee, which had a $400 budget approved for the event, will provide ‘mocktails, music and hotdogs’ at the center. 


Patrick Palmer, the committee chair, said that the event would focus on highlighting the senior center building to the citizens of Valparaiso. “It gives [residents] an opportunity to come down and see us,” Palmer said. “I think it will be beneficial; it will be fun. We are working on the music there as well. It gives [people celebrating the 4th of July] a break from the outside, from the sun and the park, because most people park there and stay there all day. So, here is an opportunity for people to walk through our city and see [the senior/community center]. 


The building is located at 268 Glenview in Valparaiso. 


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Issues With the Valparaiso Senior and Community Center Building

After discussing the upcoming event at the Valparaiso commission meeting on Monday June 13th, Palmer described some of the issues and events the Valparaiso Senior Center Committee has set its sights on for the future. 

The committee hopes to welcome the Valparaiso-Niceville Garden Club to the building for their annual meetings. 

Additionally, Palmer also noted several groups or individuals had reached out to him to inquire about renting the space for events. 

Palmer asked that smoke detectors be installed in the building to make the space safer. Fire Chief Tommy Mayville told Palmer that he had battery-operated smoke detectors that could be installed in the building. 

Finally, Palmer also added that the committee aims to add an electric water heater and an ice machine to the amenities offered at the center in the future. 

Patrick Palmer Speaks
Patrick Palmer speaks at the dais at a Valparaiso City Commission meeting in an undated photo

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