The range for a home in Deer Moss Creek sits between about $750k-$1 million

Big things are happening at Deer Moss Creek.

The 1,100-acre development, which will ultimately be home to around 3,500 single- and multi-family residential units, is taking shape. As of June 3, the community has 275 completed homes, 268 of which are occupied, and seven of which are for sale. There are also 24 homes under construction, 11 of which have been pre-sold. Homes currently available for purchase have 4 to 5 bedrooms, 2,178 to 3,108 square feet (heated and cooled), and are priced between $675,000 and $985,000.

Marion Ruckel Skalicky, President and CEO of the project’s developer, Ruckel Properties, said that the community’s amenities are also moving forward.

“The paved trail sections in Phases 1 and 2 are open to pedestrians, bicycles, and other non-motorized uses,” Skalicky said in an email to Mid Bay News. “The clubhouse under construction in Phase 2 should be completed by June 2024. Construction has not yet begun on the pool, basketball court, children’s playground, and gazebo. Phases 1, 2, and 11 will share this amenity area.”

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a building under construction
The new clubhouse in the Phase two development of Deer Moss Creek is under construction now.
a portrait of a woman
Marion Ruckel Skalicky, CEO of Ruckel Properties

Other construction in Deer Moss Creek

While home construction is the most visible sign of progress in Deer Moss Creek, other activities are taking place to pave the way for more development.

“Phase 7A (138 homes) infrastructure is nearing completion; homes should be available for purchase there by spring/summer 2024,” Skalicky said. “Phase 11 (102 homes) clearing has begun; infrastructure there will take about a year. Construction of the northern bridge and northeast section of Deer Moss Loop should begin in 2023; when completed, the east and west sides of the Deer Moss Creek® property will be connected.”

All of this construction is separate from work that has begun on a luxury apartment complex located within the Deer Moss Creek property footprint.

“The luxury apartment project currently under construction is by another developer, not Ruckel Properties,” Skalicky added. “It will be gated and will have its own amenities.”

The master plan for the community features a town center that will include commercial properties, although construction on this aspect of the community has not yet begun.

“Ruckel Properties maintains a list of businesses that have expressed interest in Deer Moss Creek®, but that information is confidential,” Skalicky explained. “Town Center planning is underway; the building should break ground within two years.”

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a map showing construction plans in Niceville, Florida
The master plan for the Deer Moss Creek subdivision in Niceville.

What does Deer Moss Creek mean for Niceville?

All of this activity will continue to impact the city of Niceville, which has annexed the property. While the increase in property taxes will benefit the city’s budget, the increase in new residents comes with increased demand for city services. Mayor Dan Henkel sees the project as an opportunity for growth and facilities that could benefit all Niceville residents.

“We’re trying to support some of the infrastructure there, with the idea of trying to partner with them for our mutual benefit,” Henkel said. “For example, we might put in sewer lines and a lift station for them, and in turn they might provide us with property for a future police or fire station.”

In addition, Henkel said the developers of Deer Moss Creek have discussed other potential partnerships.

“They’ve talked to us about partnering on some sports facilities, but all of this is in the very early planning stages,” he said. “There’s a lot of work to be done. The roads leading to the development are going to be challenged by an increase in traffic, but as the city grows, we’re seeing traffic increases on John Sims Parkway and other areas, too. These are things we will have to work out as we move forward.”

The DMC Sales Office/Model Home at 1413 Clary Sage Lane is open 12-5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 1 to 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Niceville Mayor Dan Henkel speaks to the crowd at the unveiling of the new historical plaques ceremony
Mayor Dan Henkel Speaks at a ceremony in 2022.

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