Okalooosa STEMM academy sign.
The Okaloosa STEMM Academy emphasizes a math and science curriculum for students in middle school grades. The school will receive $33,000 in upgrades over the summer of 2023, including a new sign.

New sign, flooring expected at STEMM

More than $30,000 in upgrades are coming to STEMM Academy over summer break. Here’s what you’ll see:


A total of $33,256 will come out of the school district’s coffers for upgrades and updates to the STEMM academy in Valparaiso this summer. 


The money comes from a special capital (or building) budget set aside for Board Member Dr. Diane Kelley to use as she sees fit. Each board member gets the same amount of money to use to improve their district’s schools yearly. 


The money will be used for new flooring (about $14,700), Paint ($1920) and a new sign for the front of the school ($16,585). 


The STEMM Academy serves about 300 middle school students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medical fields of study. The school can accept students from the Santa Rosa, Okaloosa and Walton School Districts. While at STEMM, the students can get high school credit in Algebra I Honors, Geometry I Honors, Physical Science I Honors, Fundamentals of Web Design, and Earth Space Science Honors. In addition to this coursework – the students must take a CTE elective annually. These classes include certifications in web design essentials, computing essentials, programming and logic essentials, and intro to HTML 5 and CSS. 

Dr, Diane Kelley
Dr. Diane Kelley is the District 5 Representative on the Okaloosa County School Board.

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  1. My grandson went to the STEMM and loved it. He went all three years😊

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