In an unprecedented fusion of politics and music, the Freeport area’s Horsepower Pavilion will host a unique event that mixes politics and rock music – powered by Florida State Representative and Navarre-based Doctor Joel Rudman.  

Rudman represents Santa Rosa County and the northern tier of Okaloosa County in the state house. A freshman Republican, he came to prominence during the COVID-19 pandemic for his Facebook lives, in which he gave information about the disease and his opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Thus far, he has hosted three such events throughout the summer. 

The concert takes place on August 10th, at 7 pm. 

Dr. Rudman’s musical tastes are well-known, and attendees can expect to be treated to a remarkable playlist that spans decades. From the high-voltage energy of AC/DC to the glitz of KISS and the iconic riffs of Led Zeppelin, Rudman plans to take attendees on a journey through the golden era of rock music. 

“I’m the liberty guy, I’m the freedom guy,” Representative Rudman said, “It’s not just my freedom of speech that I’m worried about as a doctor. It’s the freedom of speech of everyone.”

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The evening will start with an hour of questions and answers – town hall-style, with the representative. After the first portion of the night ends – it’s time for the show to begin. The Doctor came to play – he’s got a 17-song setlist for the evening that includes classics like Dr. Love, Rebel Yell and Whole Lotta Love. 

Man looks at a camera in a coffee shop.
Florida State Representative Dr. Joel Rudman speaks with Mid Bay News at Black Rifle Coffee Company in Niceville.

Playing In Other Sandboxes

For many people who devote time and energy to following Florida state-level politics – they probably picked up on the fact that Representative Rudman has a couple of concerts (the one in Freeport and the finale in Pensacola) outside of his district – and automatically think he might be running for something bigger. 

Rudman says he plans to shoot for a four-term stay in the Florida House of Representatives. “I could see how people think that,” Rudman said in his interview with Mid Bay News, “Because there are plenty of my colleagues already planning their next career move.” 

His goal is more about coalition building than it is about state-wide appeal. He hopes to make himself known to other areas of the state as a way to more efficiently pass future legislation (which we talked to him about and will post a story on soon). 

Stay tuned.  

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  1. Well the article was interesting, but the event was yesterday the 10th.

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