Rocky Mathletes Place 4th in Statewide Competition

Twenty-seven RBCS mathletes participated in the February 4th Mu Alpha Theta regional competition held at Rickards High School in Tallahassee, Florida. RBCS ranked 4th place overall in the eleven competing Panhandle schools.ย 


The algebra I team (Samuel Satterwhite, Everly Willis, Justus Rossell, and Isabelle Saiani) took the 3rd place trophy. The algebra II team (Gideon Rossell, Jonas Mosley, McKenzie Newsom, and Matthew Duplechain) placed 4th.ย 


Top RBCS scorers in each category were: Samuel Satterwhite (algebra I), Trand Scott (geometry), Gideon Rossell (algebra II), Parker Christman (precalculus), Scarlett Stevens (calculus), and David Om (statistics).


Rocky Bayou Christian School is proud to congratulate our outstanding mathematicians!


For more information about Rocky Bayou Christian School, please visit our website at

A group of youngsters from Rocky Bayou Christian School.
Whole RBCS Team 4th place sweepstakes winners: Front row (L to R): Reagan Mallick, Scarlett Stevens, Everly Willis, Isabelle Saiani, Justus Rossell, Samuel Satterwhite, Row 2: Isabelle Turner, McKenzie Newsom, Jonas Mosley, Elijah Waller, Jack Snyder, Row 3: Gideon Rossell, Matthew Duplechain, Trand Scott, Jake Barrett, Parker Christman, Nguyen Quach, Aden Hudson, Colt Stevens, Row 4: Sydney Athearn, Jackson Mallick, Elizabeth Pruitt, Gabe Rossell, Mori McCain, Andrew Biro, David Om, Steve Noh

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