A total of 84 players will compete for five total spots in the next round of qualifying.

You may catch the next lo-am on the links before they are famous at Rocky Bayou Country Club in Niceville on April 24th when the golf course hosts a US Open qualifier. A total of 84 players will compete for five total spots in the next round of qualifying. 

Players who qualify at events like these will be able to play at the US Open Championship at the Los Angeles Country Club Jun 15-18 this year. 

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Only 109 sites across the US and Canada receive the honor of hosting a qualifier every year. California hosts the most qualifying sites, with a total of 14. Florida has the next most sites. 13 courses in the Sunshine State will host qualifiers in 2023. 

The Road to US Open Glory in Los Angeles

After making it past the first round of qualifying – Open hopefuls will have to make it through final qualifying. Those events will occur in England, Japan, Canada and 10 US cities between May 16th and June 5th. 

“The field is full and, many of our Emerald Coast locals are going to compete,” a social media post from the country club reported. 

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Play starts at 7:30 AM on the morning of the 24 and will go through 2:30 PM. No tee times will be available until after the qualifier ends. The RBCC bridge game in the clubhouse is also canceled for the day. 

The next closest qualifying sites for the US Open this year are in Marksville, Louisiana; Glencoe, Alabama; and Gainesville, Florida. 

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