NWF Raiders Heading to JuCo World Series After Win

Amidst a whirlwind of athleticism and strategic brilliance, the Northwest Florida Raiders triumphed in a spectacular showdown against Chipola, securing their first NJCAA South Atlantic District Championship since 2015. With a commanding 10-3 victory, the Raiders left an indelible mark on the field, propelled by standout performances from Jaquae Stewart and Brock Tapper.

In Brief:

    • Northwest Florida Raiders display exceptional teamwork and skill to secure NJCAA South Atlantic District Championship with a decisive 10-3 victory over Chipola.
    • Stellar performances from Jaquae Stewart and Brock Tapper lead the charge, earning Raiders a spot in the prestigious 2024 NJCAA World Series.
    • Multiple Raiders players receive accolades, including Tournament Most Outstanding Player and Pitcher, as Coach Doug Martin is honored as FCSAA Coach of the Year, setting the stage for an exciting continuation of their journey in collegiate baseball.

The Northwest Florida Raiders, fueled by a potent combination of skill, determination, and unyielding teamwork, clinched their first NJCAA South Atlantic District Championship since 2015, the last time they won the NJCAA National Championship. 


With a resounding 10-3 victory over conference rivals Chipola, the Raiders punched their ticket to the 2024 NJCAA World Series, set to unfold in the picturesque landscapes of Grand Junction, Colorado.


The game, a spectacle of athletic prowess and strategic finesse, saw the Raiders deliver a masterful performance, leaving fans and rivals alike in awe. Leading the charge was the dynamic duo of Jaquae Stewart and Brock Tapper, whose contributions on the field proved instrumental in securing the Raiders’ triumph.



Stewart showcased his batting prowess with a stunning six-RBI display. 

His heroics included three hits, highlighted by a crucial two-RBI double in the sixth inning and a resounding three-run home run in the eighth, igniting a surge of momentum that propelled the Raiders to victory. 


Tapper, meanwhile, commanded the mound with authority, delivering a dominant pitching performance that left Chipola’s batters flustered and frustrated. 


Tossing a complete game over nine innings, Tapper conceded only three runs (two earned) on three hits while striking out eight Indian batters.


The Raiders wasted no time asserting their dominance, drawing first blood with an early lead courtesy of Stewart’s single in the opening inning. 


Despite Chipola’s efforts to level the playing field with a sacrifice fly in the third, the Raiders regained control, surging ahead with a 3-1 lead after Cade Sadler and Kendrey Maduro each contributed timely singles to bring in crucial runs.


As the game progressed, the Raiders’ offensive prowess continued to shine, with key contributions from players like Chase Williams, Qrey Lott, Colby Jones, and Maduro, who collectively amassed an impressive 16 hits. Williams, in particular, showcased his agility and speed on the base paths with two stolen bases, adding another dimension to the Raiders’ formidable arsenal.


Following their momentous victory, several Raiders players received well-deserved recognition, with Tapper, Stewart, Jones, Lott, Williams, and Alex Walsh earning spots on the FCSAA All-Tournament Team. 


Tapper’s performance earned him the title of Tournament Most Outstanding Pitcher, while Stewart’s standout contributions merited the distinction of Tournament Most Outstanding Player. 


Additionally, Head Coach Doug Martin, who earned his 500th win as head Raider this season, received accolades as the FCSAA Coach of the Year, a testament to his leadership and dedication to excellence.


With their sights set on the upcoming NJCAA World Series, the Raiders now turn their attention to the next chapter of their journeyeagerly anticipating their seeding as they prepare to compete against the nation’s finest collegiate baseball teams. Buoyed by their recent success and fueled by a relentless drive for greatness, the Raiders stand poised to once again etch their names in the annals of baseball history, ready to write another chapter in their storied legacy.

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