Northwest Florida State College Baseball Coach Doug Martin Celebrates 500th Win

Northwest Florida State College's baseball coach, Doug Martin, notches his 500th win as the Raiders' skipper during a standout game against Tallahassee Community College. Martin's leadership and the team's performance reflect a legacy of excellence on the baseball diamond.

Northwest Florida State College’s Head Baseball Coach, Doug Martin, celebrated his 500th win as the Raiders’ skipper this weekend in Tallahassee. The team split a two-game series with Tallahassee Community College over the weekend. 

The team would get Martin’s 500th win with a statement 10-0 victory over the Eagles. 

Martin has served as the team’s head coach since 2008 and won a national championship with the team in 2015. He also won three Panhandle Championships and a Region VIII Championship. 

He boasts a record of 500-268-1 since he took over The Raiders clubhouse, a 65% win rate. 

This Season

The Raiders are 28-12 overall this season and 13-7 in conference play. They are within striking distance of winning the Panhandle Championship for a fourth time under Martin—They are a single game ahead of Chipola College for that honor. 

The Raiders have just two series left—a four-game home and away series against a badly battered Pensacola State College team that’s playing with fewer than 15 men due to a series of unfortunate injuries down the stretch. 

You can catch the Raiders at home field on Tuesday at 5:00 PM and again on Thursday at 5:00 PM. 

PSC started the season 25-3 but has taken a seven-game losing slide that began March 28. 


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