Northwest Florida State College Partners With Territorium

In Brief:

  • NWFSC partners with Territorium to enhance skills-based education and hiring practices using the LifeJourney solution.
  • The LifeJourney solution includes a Learning and Employment Record (LER), a digital wallet, AI-powered career pathways, and a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR).
  • This initiative empowers students to own, document, and verify their skills, aligning their education with modern workforce demands.

Northwest Florida State College (NWFSC) is excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Territorium, a global leader in education technology, to advance skills-based education and hiring practices in the region.

This collaboration will utilize Territorium’s innovative LifeJourney solution, which features a Learning and Employment Record (LER), a skills-first digital wallet, AI-powered career pathways with job-matching technology, and a Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) of achievements. This transformative initiative is designed to empower students by providing them with comprehensive ownership of their educational progress and skill acquisition, aligning with the demands of the modern workforce.

“NWFSC’s investment in Territorium’s LifeJourney solution marks a pivotal step in transforming how our students are educated, trained, and hired,” stated Dr. Cristie Kedroski, Interim President of Northwest Florida State College. “This cutting-edge initiative is crucial to enhancing students’ preparation for the future workforce.”

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The LifeJourney solution integrates career planning with skills mapping to ensure that NWFSC students are equipped for real-world challenges. By enabling students to own, document, verify, badge, and transmit all the skills they acquire, the college sets a new standard for higher education student success and employability.

“This partnership underscores our commitment to both industries by guaranteeing a work-ready employee and our students by way of an unprecedented return on their investment,” said Dr. Henry Mack, Vice President for Academic Affairs at NWFSC. “By effectively validating and credentialing skills throughout their educational experience, we are changing how students’ transcripts are managed and setting them up for success in the modern workforce.”

Furthermore, this partnership advocates for a shift towards skills-based hiring, where verified skills are the key to success. This strategic approach addresses workforce gaps and the growing demand for job-ready talent, placing students and employers at the forefront of this educational movement.

“We are excited to partner with Northwest Florida State College to connect their learners to careers using verified skills,” said Guillermo Elizondo, CEO of Territorium. “Our secure, interoperable CLR and digital credential wallet empower students to document and manage their skills and overall competencies, making them more attractive to potential employers. This partnership is a game-changer for education and workforce development.”

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