3rd Planet Brewing has received more international recognition – this time for being on Men’s Journal’s Best Breweries in the World You’ve Never Heard Of

“It’s an honor to be mentioned in their list,” said head brewer and co-owner Brian Detweiler, “We really focus on emphasizing our presence in a relatively small geographical footprint. We also rely heavily on our taproom facility and our beer to do the marketing for us. All of this leads to us a pretty well-kept secret to folks not from the area.”

The magazine chose from more than 10,000 breweries in the US alone. They decided on the breweries by choosing from winners of the most recent World Beer Cup and total reviews on the beer app Untappd. 

The magazine chose nine other breweries on the list, including

  1. Wondrous Brewing | Emeryville, California
  2. Von C. Brewing Company | Norristown, Pennsylvania
  3. Verboten Brewing Company | Loveland, Colorado
  4. Lost and Grounded | Bristol, United Kingdom
  5. Ursa Minor Brewing | Duluth, Minnesota 
  6. Brew Classic | Kanazawa, Japan
  7. The Good Society Brewery | Seattle, Washington
  8. Half Batch Brewery | Hendersonville, Tennessee
  9. Incendiary Brewing Company | Winston Salem, North Carolina

3rd Planet Brewing is a popular craft brewery located in Niceville, Florida. Situated in the city’s heart, this brewery has gained a reputation for its high-quality craft beers and vibrant atmosphere.

Founded in 2015, 3rd Planet Brewing takes its name from the dream of one of the co-founders to become an astronaut when he was a child. Both of the founders of the brewery are Air Force Veterans. The brewery embodies a sense of exploration and adventure, offering dozens of beers that cater to various tastes and preferences. From hop-forward IPAs and refreshing pale ales to rich stouts and smooth lagers, there is something to suit every beer enthusiast’s palate.

The atmosphere at 3rd Planet Brewing is welcoming and laid-back, making it a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The brewery features a spacious taproom where patrons can enjoy their beers while socializing with friends or participating in events organized by the brewery. They often host live music performances, trivia nights, and food truck gatherings, creating a vibrant community gathering place.

In addition to its taproom, 3rd Planet Brewing also distributes its beers to local restaurants, bars, and retailers, allowing beer lovers to enjoy their brews beyond the brewery’s premises.

3rd Planet Brewing has become an integral part of the Niceville community, contributing to the local craft beer scene and promoting a sense of camaraderie among beer enthusiasts. With its commitment to quality, variety, and community engagement, 3rd Planet Brewing continues to be a beloved destination for beer lovers in Niceville, Florida.

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