Niceville Brewery takes gold in World Beer Cup in first

Niceville’s 3rd Planet Brewing won gold at the World Beer Cup – known as the ‘Olympics of Beer’ for their ‘Emulator’ beer! 

The win was something Head brewer and co-owner Brian Detweiler saw as a far-off dream come true for the local brewery. “As a home brewer and being relatively new to the brewing industry, World Beer Cup Gold was just one of those things I saw my favorite breweries winning. I always considered it a pipe dream. To win a gold on our first attempt to enter is truly surreal. ‘Emulator’ got its name as a nod to the fact that we were merely trying to emulate some of our favorite doppelbocks, so winning gold on the international stage was unexpected and very humbling.”

Second place went to Resolute Brewing Company, out of Centennial, Colorado. Occidental Brewing Company, in Portland, Oregon won third place with their Lucubrator Doppelbock. 

The contest, held in Nashville, Tennessee this year, is considered the most prestigious beer competition in the world.

While the beer is not on tap right now (like with all good beer, sometimes you run out) – they plan to have more to sell soon. 

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3rd Planet Brewing is owned by Niceville Locals Tim McCool, Sue McCool, Francis Camosse, Brian Detweiler and partner Jason Doster.

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