Toddler fighting for his life at a Pensacola Hospital

A thirteen-month-old toddler from Niceville is fighting for his life in critical condition after a tragic drowning incident at a residence near Niceville on Monday afternoon. 

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, The prognosis remains grim for the young child. Spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office, Michele Nicholson, released a statement that noted the incident was being investigated further. 

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office immediately dispatched deputies and other first responders to a home on Calloway Drive upon receiving a distressing 9-1-1 call at approximately 1:05 p.m. The child had been pulled out of a swimming pool and was reportedly unconscious, not breathing, but exhibiting a weak pulse.

First aid efforts commenced immediately, with CPR administered at the scene. The child was swiftly transported to Twin Cities Hospital in Niceville for emergency treatment before being transferred to a hospital in Pensacola for further medical care.

This is the second drowning incident in Niceville this summer. An incident over the Memorial Day weekend sent one child to the hospital in Pensacola. 

police cars
Okaloosa County Sheriff' Deputies respond to a drowning call on Calloway Drive

Drowning Risks for Children

  • ording to the American Red Cross, the children younger than one are most likely to drown at home. 
  • Children under five have the highest risk in home pools or hot tubs. 87% of drowning fatalities take place in pools or hot tubs of family, friends or relatives for small children. 
  • Bathtubs are the second-leading location where young children are likely to die by drowning. The Red Cross also notes that buckets, bath seats, wells, cisterns, septic tanks, decorative ponds and toilets pose hazards to small children as well. 
  • Children from the ages of five to 17 are more likely to drown in  natural water, such as a pond or lake.

The Florida Department of Health notes that Florida ranked fifth in the United States for unintentional drowning deaths for children ages 0-17. 

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  1. That is aweful and so preventable! Please get your child lessons on water survival swimming skills along with the adults, since it is never too late. Contact me if you are interested in water survival lessons for your kids or yourself!

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