Niceville to Host Veterans Day Parade

Niceville Mayor Daniel Henkel tells group the celebration is back.

Niceville will host a Veterans’ Day Parade this fall to honor the many locals who have served in the nation’s armed forces, Mayor Daniel Henkel announced to the Niceville Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee Thursday. 

The Parade will take place on November 9, the Saturday before Veterans Day, and start in the morning—likely at 10 AM, though the details have not yet been finalized. 

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The route will be the same one used for the Niceville-Valparaiso Rotary Club’s Christmas Parade, which essentially circles the Ruckel-Niceville School Campus. 

“We’re excited, we’re excited to bring it back,” said Mayor Henkel after the announcement, “We think it’s a great thing that we need to do for our military.”

Fort Walton Beach and Destin have Veterans’ Day Parades every year. 

According to the United States Census Bureau, Niceville has the most veterans per capita of any city in Okaloosa County. 

The city has 2,970 veterans, or roughly one in seven people (18.3%). This number does not include active-duty military members. 

Other cities in the area have veteran populations that make up a percentage much higher than the United States average (about 5.1%). 

Crestview | 14.9%

Fort Walton Beach | 13.3%

Destin | 11.4%


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