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Looking for the 2022 mosquito spraying schedule for Niceville? Look no further! Okaloosa County’s Mosquito Control will spray in different areas Monday through Thursday in Niceville and Valparaiso.

But the exact date that the sprayers will start spraying to kill the pesky critters is not yet set in stone. “Based on environmental analysis, Okaloosa County’s Mosquito Control Division of Public Works expects the schedule to activate in the coming weeks,” said Okaloosa County Spokesperson April Sarver.

As it stands right now – the mosquito spraying schedule for Niceville and Valparaiso is as follows.

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The mist behind a mosquito control truck can be dangerous to health – especially for small children

Spraying usually takes place in the late afternoon to the early evening. Please keep pets and children indoors when the mosquito truck is in your neighborhood.

To request Okaloosa County Mosquito Control not spray near your property, please contact them at 850-651-7394 or 850-689-5772 8am – 4:30pm, Monday through Thursday.

While the mosquito spraying season varies based on a couple of factors, including weather, you can typically expect the mosquito truck to visit your home once per week until about October.

Monday Okaloosa County Mosquito Spraying Schedule

The Okaloosa Mosquito Control team will spray areas to the west of State Route 85. This includes western Niceville and all of Valparaiso.

Tuesday Okaloosa County Mosquito Spraying Schedule

Okaloosa County Mosquito Control will spray Bluewater Bay south of State Route 20 (John Sims Parkway) on Tuesday evenings.

Wednesday Okaloosa County Mosquito Spraying Schedule

On Wednesdays, Okaloosa County Mosquito Control will spray the Niceville area north of State Route 20 and Bluewater Bay north of State Route 20. The northern boundary of this route is Spence Parkway and includes the campus of Northwest Florida State College.

Thursday Okaloosa County Mosquito Spraying Schedule

Thursdays, the mosquito control division sprays in Niceville to the south of John Sims Parkway. This includes the entire peninsula of Niceville.

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Okaloosa County Mosquito Controls Official 2022 Spraying Map for Niceville

Background on Mosquito Control in Okaloosa County.

The Okaloosa County Public Works Department provides mosquito control as a part of its responsibilities. The mosquito control division provides services to all citizens of the county.

“If you live in Okaloosa County, there is no way to escape contact with mosquitoes. Please use the information on this website to become familiar with these pests, your options for avoidance, and County Control Measures. Please keep in mind, there is no way to completely eradicate the mosquito without irreparable harm to the environment.”

In total, the Okaloosa County Mosquito Control Division employs a total of 10 people. This includes a division director, a supervisor, a foreman, a surveillance specialist and six technicians.

Special notes for Beekeepers

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Agricultural Commissioner Nikki Fried

Florida’s Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services (FDACS) has a comprehensive registry of beekeepers in the State of Florida. Under Florida State Law, Okaloosa County Beekeepers are required to register their beehives (called apiaries) with the state.

Additionally, Okaloosa County Mosquito Control recommends that registered beekeepers contact them to make sure their hives are not accidentally sprayed.

Outlook For This Year’s Mosquito Season

So far, this year has been a lighter one for mosquitoes. Bluewater Bay and Valparaiso have much lower mosquito counts than in the previous two years. Valparaiso was counted as a medium for the volume of mosquitoes for the most recent recording period. Bluewater Bay was counted as a low.

You’ll notice that one bar in particular jumps from 2020 from the hurricane we had that year. Mosquito populations tend to explode a couple of weeks after a hurricane hits an area.

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  1. To whom it may concern , I am a resident of Garnier Beach subdivision and noticed several neighbors with complaints of mosquitoe spraying . The main problem is with the flowering bushes and other blooming plants have been diminishing everywhere!! The spray is killing off bees that has been keeping these plant colorful with the blooms . I myself have not seen any bees nor flowers on any of my Azalea and Camilla bushes for at least 2 to 3 years now . Please stop this killing of wild life in our neighborhood. Also without the flowers there are no hummingbirds that come around anymore!! I live at Greenbrier Drive and Greenbrier Circle. Some people including myself are complaining about scratchy throats soon after these trucks drive by and fog the area . Please stop the spraying in this location
    Thank you Dave Pinkerton

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