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First Coffee with the City Manager to be held August 17th.

The City of Niceville is excited to announce an upcoming coffee and conversation session with Mayor Dan Henkel and City Manager David Deitch. This event aims to foster open dialogue and gather valuable feedback from residents and community members about City programs and services, as well as address any questions or concerns they may have.

The interactive gathering is set to take place at the Niceville Senior Center on Thursday, August 17, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. This informal and welcoming atmosphere provides an excellent opportunity for citizens to engage in meaningful discussions with key decision-makers in their community.

“We believe that open communication between the City and our residents is the cornerstone of a vibrant and thriving community,” remarked Mayor Dan Henkel. “This event is all about fostering a two-way dialogue, where we can listen to the needs of our citizens and ensure that we are addressing their concerns effectively.”

City Manager David Deitch added, “By actively seeking feedback from our residents, we can better understand their perspectives, identify areas for improvement, and continue providing top-notch services that truly cater to the needs of our community.”

man smiling in a suit.
Retired Colonel David Deitch will take over the helm of a new command - the City of Niceville's government. He will serve the people and the city council as City Manager - replacing retiring manager Lannie Corbin.

The City of Niceville extends a warm invitation to all residents, business owners, and stakeholders to participate in this gathering. Whether they have questions about current City initiatives, suggestions for enhancing public services, or general concerns about the community, Mayor Henkel and City Manager Deitch will be delighted to lend a listening ear and share insights.

The Coffee and Conversation event will be held at the Niceville Senior Center, located at 201 Campbell Drive. No prior registration is required, and attendees are welcome to drop in at any time during the session. Complimentary coffee will be provided, fostering a relaxed and inviting environment for meaningful conversations with fellow community members and City officials.

“We encourage everyone to join us at the event, as this is a wonderful opportunity to be actively involved in shaping the future of our community,” said Julie Mooney, Senior Center Manager. “Your input matters, and we look forward to engaging with our residents to make Niceville an even better place to live.”

About the City of Niceville: The City of Niceville is a vibrant community known for its rich heritage, strong community spirit, and commitment to excellence. With a focus on providing exceptional services to its residents, the City of Niceville strives to create a thriving environment for all.

For more information about the event, please contact Julie Mooney, Senior Center Manager, at or call (850) 279-6436 ext. 1601.

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  1. Now that is an Open Door policy! This is great news and sets a great example for other community leaders in Florida.

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