Niceville Businessman and Former Councilman enters the Okaloosa County Commission District 3 Race.

In Brief:

  • Heath Rominger, a Navy veteran and former Niceville councilperson, has joined the race for Okaloosa County Commission District 3, aiming to replace Nathan Boyles.
  • Rominger, the only candidate from Niceville or Valparaiso, brings extensive military and local government experience to the five-candidate field.
  • The Republican primary for this position will take place on August 20, with Mid Bay News planning to interview Rominger on June 4.
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Heath Rominger has declared for Okaloosa County Commission District 3.

The Okaloosa County Commission Race to Replace Nathan Boyles in District Three, which includes the western portion of Niceville and Valparaiso, has a fifth candidate.


Navy Veteran, Former Niceville Councilperson, and General Contractor Heath Rominger pre-filed his campaign with the Okaloosa County Supervisor of Elections two weeks before the June 14 Deadline.


He is the only candidate who lives in Niceville or Valparaiso.


Rominger is a native of Niceville and played on the Eagles’ 1988 State Championship Football Team before enlisting in the Navy. He served for ten years as a rescue swimmer before earning his commission and serving another 11 years as an intelligence officer. After retiring as a lieutenant, Rominger served on the Niceville City Council for eight years, from 2009 to 2017.


Rominger is married and has two children.


Rominger’s entry into the race means Okaloosa County voters will have a fifth candidate to choose from on August 20, when the Republican primary takes place. There is also a candidate from Niceville in the mix. The others are either from The Baker/Holt area (Pitzer, Merritt) and Crestview (Rencich) or have their addresses listed as outside the district (Cox, Destin).


Mid Bay News plans to interview Rominger next Thursday, June 4. We plan to include a video interview for Mid Bay News readers in Friday’s newsletter.


For more information on Rominger and the other four candidatescheck out our elections page here.


You can see more about this specific race here


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