Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul

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3rd Planet Brewing in Niceville is known for the variety and quality of its craft beer. Well – a world-famous brewery in Maryland has recognized them for the variety and quality of their people too.

It’s not every day that you get to be on the side of a beer can. But then again – working at 3rd Planet Brewing isn’t a typical job – but it’s perfect for someone like Rachel Breite.

Helps that you get to try out the product too.

Rachel’s getting a lot of FaceTime on the side of that can. The promotion is part of a program at the world-famous DuClaw Brewing Company, which highlights people in the industry that are removing boundaries for women and minorities.

DuClaw calls it Hopportunity Awaits.

Additionally, only 10 people were chosen for the initiative nationwide. Other honorees include cartoonists, packaging specialists, journalists, and marketers from around the country. Rachel was selected because of her background as a fisheries biologist. It was a background she translated well into the brewing side of the craft beer industry.

Rachel is a part of a small but growing number of women in the craft beer industry.

woman holds up a beer can close to the lens of a camera
Rachel Briete was recently recognized by "Hopportunity Awaits," a diversity initiative by DuClaw Brewing in Maryland

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

“I think that it is very male-dominated,” Breite said, “ It has just kind of been an industry where there hasn’t been a lot of participation from different groups of people whether it be race or sexual orientation or gender or what have you. So that is something that we are really starting to see take off.”

And she hopes that the hops will be a career for more women like her.

“I want them to know that [women and girls] can do anything,” Breite said, “And it was kind of that way when I was involved in marine biology too because the field that I was in as a fisheries biologist was pretty male-dominated. So, just when it comes to science or even very manual labor-oriented positions – I just want everyone to know, especially like young women that you can do it too. I mean, look at me; I’m like 5’1. And I’m out here doing it. I’m brewing huge batches of beer. I’ve got a great team behind me that I work with, so it’s really exciting.”

Woman holds a beer can in the brewery
Rachel Breite holds a beer can inside the 3rd Planet Brwery

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