100-Unit Niceville Apartments Back in Front of Committee

July 7th Update: Apartment Complex passes Planning and Zoning Committee for the Second Time.

The Niceville Planning and Zoning Committee unanimously approved the go-ahead for a 100-unit apartment complex on Niceville’s Cedar Avenue, member Tracy Jennette confirmed July 8th. 

The committee, which is made up of seven city residents appointed by the city council, previously voted 4-2 to approve the project. One person did not vote previously.  

The committee approved the project, which will now include a sidewalk on the western portion of Cedar Avenue. 

The Niceville City Council voted down the project developer’s ability to turn dirt and start the project on a 2-3 vote on over safety concerns regarding the lack of safe pedestrian passage. 

The project will once again head to the city council chambers for final approval. 

As of Friday afternoon, there is no word on whether or not the project will be on next Tuesday’s city council agenda. 


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Planning and Zoning Committee Member Tracy Jennette

Proposal Previously Failed to Pass City Council on a 2-3 Vote

Big news for apartment housing in Niceville. The City Planning and Zoning Committee will hear an updated plan for a 100-unit apartment complex on Cedar Avenue, just to the south of Niceville High School. 

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This is the second time the plan has come before the committee, which passed the plan on a 4-2 vote on its first time through the committee. 

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Despite the approval of the Niceville City Planning and Zoning Committee, last month, the city council voted down the plan in a 2-3 vote. Councilmen Nodjimian and Donahoo voted in favor of the project. Councilpersons Schaetzle, Alley and Williams voted against the proposed complex. All council persons spoke positively about the project but ultimately voted against the project, because the project did not include a sidewalk on the west side of Cedar Avenue, closest to the complex. 

Should the project gain the approval of the planning and zoning committee this go-around, the project will go for another up or down vote in front of the city council. This vote could come as early as the next city council meeting, which will take  place on July 12th. 

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Location of proposed apartment complex in Niceville. 

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