Looking For A Unique Summer Experience For Kids In Valparaiso? Say No More, Fam.

Christopher Saul

Christopher Saul

Mid Bay News

Looking for something educational and interesting for your kids this summer? The Northwest Florida Heritage Museum will host two weeks of summer camp in 2022. The camps aim to teach our local history to students of elementary school age.ย 

The museum will offer class days on weaving, history, science, and food.ย 

Children in kindergarten through second grade will have a week of camp opportunities from July 11-15. From third to sixth grade, older students will have a week of opportunities from July 18th to 22nd.

The classes will begin at 10:00 am and last until 1:00 pm.ย 

The total cost for the camps is $75 per week or $17 per day.ย 

You can call 850.678.2615 for more information on the camp.ย 

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Reporter Stands in Front of the Northwest Florida Heritage Museum
the Northwest Florida Heritage Museum
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