Marketing History: State Rep Files Bill for Marketing Dollars to Promote Local Museums

State Rep Patt Maney proposed House Bill 3707, which if passed, would give the Okaloosa County Museum Coalition $30,000 to spend on marketing in hopes of increasing museum attendance.

The Okaloosa County Museum Coalition consists of nine museums in Okaloosa County:

The marketing money would be used on billboards, advertising at VPS airport, social media and other avenues to promote the museums to locals and visitors.

This wouldn’t be the first time money has been appropriated for something like this. In Fiscal Year 2018-2019, $30,000 was set aside to make marketing happen for the museums.

The bill says that the $30,000 would help to create jobs at the museums by increasing foot traffic, enrich cultural experiences in the county, preserve the environment and increase other economic activity, like tourism.

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