Here are the best spots to watch Niceville 4th of July Fireworks on Boggy Bayou!

In Brief:

  • Niceville’s Fourth of July fireworks display will start at 8:45 PM, with multiple public viewing areas including Lions Park, Niceville Landing, and Kiwanis Park.
  • The event is funded entirely by community donations and sponsorships, with significant contributions from 3rd Planet Brewing, GCT, and Ruckel Properties.
  • Hundreds of boats gather in Boggy Bayou for the fireworks, with the Niceville Fire Department ensuring safety by cordoning off an area for the fireworks barge.

Niceville’s night sky will light up this Fourth of July starting at 8:45 PM, thanks to donations from the community and sponsorship of local businesses.


The official website for the annual event,, lists five public viewing areas for the fireworks extravaganza:



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  • Lions Park
  • Niceville Landing
  • Kiwanis Park


  • Shipyard Point Park
  • Lincoln Park


Another – though harder-to-access spot to watch the fireworks is from Post’l Point on Eglin Air Force Base. You must have base access to use this area, though.


Typically, people begin to show up on the shores of Boggy Bayou around eight in the morning to secure a good viewing spot for the fireworks display. But, if you have other plans all day, fear not – most people dont begin to show up until around 6:00 PM.


Hundreds of boats fill the bayou as well – although Niceville Fire Department does cordon off an area of the bayou for the city’s fireworks barge to ensure a safe evening for all.


All of the money raised for the fireworks display comes from donations supplied by individuals or companies. This year, the title sponsor – Niceville’s 3rd Planet Brewing – donated $10,000 to the event. Two other main sponsors, GCT and Ruckel Properties, donated $5,000 each.


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