Mid Bay News has received documents from the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office which unearth more details about the raid deputies undertook on October 13th. The Home, at 1481 Pine Street, is “associated with narcotics overdoses and suspected narcotics distribution,” according to the Sheriff’s Office Affidavit.

The Raid on 1481 Pine

The Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team (SRT) members raided the home after a judge issued a warrant related to narcotics overdoses and trafficking. Sheriff’s deputies rolled up on the house heavy – flashing lights and sirens on armored vehicles at nine in the morning. They announced their intent to execute their search warrant and took suspects into custody. According to the arrest affidavit the suspects in the home didn’t offer any resistance to the SRT.


Once the six people in the home were detained – including the home’s owner, Harriet Hall, the suspects were searched. All five individuals, Harriet Hall, her boyfriend – James Spaid; Brittney Robertson – an employee of Hall’s cleaning business; Michael Spears, Gregory Lusco and Cassie Moore were arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia. Four of the suspects, Hall, Robertson, Spears and Spaid had drug equipment that tested positive for Methamphetamine residue. Among Cassie Moore’s belonging, deputies found a plastic container with a powdery substance that tested positive for Fentanyl. 


Robertson, Moore and Spears were also charged for violating their probations – a felony. As of Thursday, October 20th the trio are still in jail.


Lusco, Hall and Spaid have been charged with possession of drug equipment – a misdemeanor. They have their next court appearance on November 1st. 


No trafficking amounts of either Meth or Fentanyl were found in the home.

Check out our crime map to see what kinds of crime are taking place in your neighborhood. 

A street view of 1481 Pine in the Bluewater Bay/Seminole Area.

The Home

Deputies noted in their affidavits that Harriet Hall owned the home which was raided. According to the Okaloosa County Property Appraiser’s Office, the home has been owned since 1996 by Marlin and Harriet Hall. Hall was 19 when the home was purchased last.

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