EGLIN | Rules Changing for Base Access. Here’s What’s Happening.

Eglin Air Force Base will change the rules for getting on base starting in May. Here are the details.

Eglin Air Force Base will ramp up security measures in May when they implement 100% ID checks for anyone who wants to come on base. “Our current security and information environment requires us to make this policy change,” said

Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Geraghty, commander of the 96th Test Wing, said, “We’re committed to safeguarding Eglin’s vital national resources.” 

Starting in May, visitors without a Department of Defense (DOD) issued ID card will be required to obtain a visitor pass to gain entry. Uniformed service members, dependents (over 16 years old), DOD employees, and retirees can sponsor these passes. 

Those who need them can get passes at the East Gate and West Gate visitor control centers until the new Air Force Armament Museum Visitor Control Center opens in May.

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To streamline the process and avoid gate congestion, individuals are encouraged to begin obtaining their visitor passes ahead of time. These passes are valid for up to 60 days. However, if a pass is needed for more than 60 days, commander approval is necessary. Passes can be issued for up to a year, with the exception of retirees who must renew their passes every 60 days.

Additionally, individuals can register their REAL IDs into the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), a networked database system that simplifies access authorization verification for military installations. This registration can be done at the Visitor Control Centers (VCCs) and is a backup in case ID cards are forgotten or misplaced.

For retirees, the REAL ID in DBIDS can be an alternative access method if their ID is lost or expired. However, it’s important to note that retirees still need to renew their visitor passes every 60 days.

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