Eglin Federal Credit Union Launches Partnership with School District To Improve Students’ Financial Literacy

Eglin Federal Credit Union and Okaloosa County schools are joining forces to teach high school students vital financial skills, from budgeting to retirement planning, ensuring they're ready for a financially secure future. Learn more about this impactful partnership here!

In a collaborative effort to enhance financial literacy among high school students, Eglin Federal Credit Union (EFCU) joined forces with the Okaloosa County School District, offering a comprehensive personal finance course at Crestview High School on April 9. The initiative, spearheaded by EFCU’s VP Membership and Community Development, Neko Stubblefield, engaged approximately 60 students from grades 9 to 12 in vital financial education.

The personal financial literacy curriculum covered an array of crucial topics, ranging from the basics of opening checking and savings accounts to long-term financial planning, including strategies for retirement. Neko Stubblefield, expressing EFCU’s commitment to community development, stated, “Eglin Federal Credit Union is dedicated to providing free financial education to the communities we serve. Our goal with this course is to empower young individuals to cultivate healthy financial habits that will benefit them throughout their lives.”

Superintendent Marcus Chambers highlighted the Okaloosa County School District’s steadfast dedication to enriching students’ educational experiences by equipping them with essential life skills, notably financial literacy, essential for future success. “The school district appreciates the support of Eglin Federal Credit Union in delivering financial education sessions to complement our curriculum, helping students develop sound financial practices and achieve economic prosperity,” Superintendent Chambers remarked.

This initiative comes in the wake of Governor Ron DeSantis’s signing of Senate Bill 1054, known as the Dorothy L. Hukill Financial Literacy Act, on March 22, 2022. The legislation mandates high school students to complete a financial literacy course to qualify for a standard high school diploma, effective for students enrolled in high school during the 2023-2024 academic year.

The collaboration between Eglin Federal Credit Union and the Okaloosa County School District reflects a proactive approach to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of personal finance, ensuring a brighter and more financially secure future for the youth of Okaloosa County.



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